Why NAS Master?

You’re looking around for a NAS enclosure and come across my humble abode, but just who is this “NAS Master”? Why should you trust our word on the latest from brands like Synology and ASUSTOR? Those are some good questions!

What is NAS Master?

NAS Master is the place to go if you’re after the latest news for all things network-attached storage. NAS enclosures are incredible pieces of tech that allow you to create home-based file storage, save money by canceling cloud subscriptions, and even set up your very own media center.

We wanted to create a hub for one of my favorite product categories. We’ve relied on NAS for many years now and appreciate the potential of even the most basic enclosure. We want to help anyone considering buying one make the correct decision and show just how easy it is to get up and running.

In 2022, this became a reality with the launch of NAS Master. You’ll find zero advertising on this website, allowing your favorite ad blocker extensions to rest a little. The only means of keeping the lights on is a small commission from each link to retailers on products we use ourselves and wholeheartedly recommend.

Meet the team

Richard Edmonds

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Ophelia Pinnock

Ophelia Pinnock

Social Media Manager

To help keep the lights on, I may earn a commission for purchases using links to buy recommended products.