ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2) review: An ARM NAS on steroids


ASUSTOR’s DRIVESTOR 2 range of network-attached storage (NAS) enclosures is designed for personal use in saving money by canceling cloud storage subscriptions. Powered by ARM processors, these servers are perfect for storing lots of data. So much so, ASUSTOR allows for up to three expansion units to be connected to the new ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2).

The ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2) is a reasonably priced NAS enclosure at $269. The NAS has two drive bays, an ARM chip, 2 GB of fixed RAM, expansion support, 2.5mGb networking, and multiple USB ports. ASUSTOR’s ADM software is also among the best in the pre-built NAS business, rivaling Synology’s DSM. The app catalog has hundreds of available downloads.

If you’re in the market for the best NAS to store documents, movies, photos, music, and backups, the DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2) is a good pick. It can also run a media server, surveillance station, and more. In my extensive testing, I found this NAS enclosure worth the price, offering capable performance with limited hardware.

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Mighty ARM performance

ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2). (Source: ASUSTOR)

I had a blast testing the AS3302T v2 from ASUSTOR. This is one capable NAS that will surprise you. Thanks to the quad-core ARM processor and generous 2 GB of RAM, storing

CPURealtek RTD1619B
(4-core, 1.7 GHz)
(max 2 GB)
Bays2 (SSD/HDD)
Expansion3x ASUSTOR AS6004U
Cooling1x mm
Ports1x 2.5 GbE
3x USB-A 3.2 Gen 1
Power draw~13.1 W
Dimensions170 x 114 x 230 mm
Weight1.6 kg
  • Good value performance
  • Expansion unit support
  • 2.5Gb networking
  • Excellent software support
  • No HDMI port
  • Limited to 2 GB of RAM

An affordable ARM-powered NAS

The ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2) is a budget-friendly enclosure costing $269. It has two drive bays, an ARM processor, non-upgradable RAM, and expansion support for up to 14 drive bays. With 20 TB drives installed on each tray, that would equate to 280 TB of storage space.

Familiar ASUSTOR NAS design

This second version of the ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 looks like the ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 because it’s the same chassis with improved internals. ASUSTOR decided to keep the outside as is and that’s no negative as the original NAS enclosure looked smart and so does the AS3302T v2.

So what is new inside the AS3302T v2? ASUSTOR installed a new processor, which offers a marketed 21% improved performance. ARM processors have always lagged behind Intel chips for performance, especially with more demanding apps like media streaming, but this new quad-core Realtek RTD1619B CPU is quite the SoC.

The outside of the ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2) is a sleek all-black plastic and metal chassis. The front has a removable cover to protect the installed drives and some LED status indicators. One of the few USB-A ports is on the left, along with a power button. It’s a smart-looking enclosure.

The two side, top, and bottom panels are all bare. It’s the rear of the NAS where everything connects to the AS3302T v2. We’ve got DC input from the external power supply, two more USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 ports, and a single 2.5Gb network connection. For a NAS costing $269, this is a good array of I/O, though it would have been amazing to see a HDMI port.

Setting up ASUSTOR ADM is a breeze

Getting up and running with the ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Gen2 (AS3302T v2) is straightforward, even if this is your first NAS enclosure. At least one drive needs to be installed inside the NAS. Populating the two drive bays allows RAID to provide some redundancy in case of drive failure.

It’s vital not to view the two drive bays as a limiting factor of this NAS as ASUSTOR made it possible to connect not one, not two, but three four-bay ASUSTOR AS6004U expansion units. With all 14 bays fully populated, you could have a raw capacity of around 280 TB using 20 TB NAS drives.

Once drives are installed, power is supplied, and a LAN cable connects the AS3302T v2 to the LAN, the ADM 4.2 installation wizard will spring to life once you load the IP address in your favorite web browser. It doesn’t take long to fill out some fields, select a few options and you’re at the ADM desktop interface.

Impressive performance for the price

With that fancy new Realtek ARM processor, the ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Gen2 (AS3302T v2) is a fairly powerful enclosure, considering it’s not running the usual Intel Celeron. With 2.5GbE, I expected some solid numbers for read/write, network transfers, and general system performance. I’m happy to report I was not disappointed.

The CPU is that good, we’ve got hardware transcoding for streaming media to devices that do not support the file type. This task is usually reserved for more powerful Intel processors and while it’s not quite as potent as a Celeron, Realtek has worked magic with the quad-core RTD1619B.

What’s awesome with the new DRIVESTOR Pro Gen2 is support for Btrfs. This is a first for ASUSTOR NAS running on ARM. If you’re unfamiliar with Btrfs, it’s a filesystem that helps to protect data by enabling snapshots for easier recovery. Using the NAS as a storage device and running through ADM’s interface is rapid and responsive.

It was easy for me to fully saturate the 2.5Gb connection when transferring files and streaming media was a pleasant experience.

Should you buy the ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2)?

The DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2) is an excellent NAS for the price. Although it’s limited by the 2 GB of preinstalled system memory, which is more than enough for storing data, connecting three expansion units to the enclosure makes up for this if you need to store data. Loading up 240 TB of capacity with the AS3302T v2 is possible.

This sets the AS3302T v2 aside from the rest of the competition. Other branded two-bay NAS aren’t able to connect to as many expansion units (if any), putting this ASUSTOR NAS in a unique position. Having an HDMI port would sweeten the deal further but this is a minor complaint as media streaming isn’t a priority here.


ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2). (Source: ASUSTOR)

A competent NAS at a reasonable price, the ASUSTOR DRIVESTOR 2 Pro Gen2 (AS3302T v2) is a brilliant choice for the home or busy office. This ARM-powered enclosure is a great NAS for storing data and running a few apps.

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