ASUSTOR relaunches improved NAS support website

Get help when you need it.

ASUSTOR announced a new website for existing customers. Launched on April 21, this new portal was completely redesigned from the ground up, taking into account various customer feedback. The hope is for this new portal to improve communication between ASUSTOR and customers, providing a higher quality of aftersale service.

This new ASUSTOR Member website uses an ASUSTOR ID, which can be created through the Settings app on an ASUSTOR NAS enclosure. Registering your ASUSTOR NAS has never been simpler. Once logged in and with a NAS registered, you’ll be able to view product information, including model, serial number, server name, ADM version, Cloud ID, and IP address.

It’s also an easier route to track the progress of technical support inquiries, as well as tracking the history of all support requests. When you require some assistance, screenshots can be quickly snapped and added to new support forms to help make responses from ASUSTOR staff more helpful.

This is a good move from ASUSTOR, especially if you’ve bought one of the best NAS from the company.

By Richard Edmonds

Richard has been covering the technology industry for more than a decade. He has spent more time tinkering inside a PC chassis than anywhere else, for better or worse.

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