ASUSTOR releases ADM 4.1.0.RKM1 OS update

ASUSTOR has rolled out another update for its NAS operating system, ASUSTOR Data Manager (ADM). Version ADM 4.1.0.RKM1 is now available for download should you own an AS31, AS32, AS40, AS61, AS62, AS63, AS64, Nimbustor, Drivestor, Drivestor Pro, Lockerstor, Lockerstor Gen2, Lockerstor Pro NAS.

What’s new in ADM 4.1.0.RKM1

Even if you’re using the best NAS from ASUSTOR, you’ll need the latest ADM OS updates in order to enjoy the NAS enclosure to its fullest potential. Here’s everything that’s new in ADM 4.1.0.RKM1:

  • Fixed ADM security vulnerability: CVE-2022-37398. (AS-2022-011)
  • OpenLDAP package updated to fix potential vulnerabilities: CVE-2020-12243, CVE-2020-15719, CVE-2020-25692, CVE-2020-25709, CVE-2020-25710, CVE-2020-36221, CVE-2020-36222, CVE-2020-36223, CVE-2020-36224, CVE-2020-36225, CVE-2020-36226, CVE-2020-36227, CVE-2020-36228, CVE-2020-36229, CVE-2020-36230, CVE-2022-29155. (AS-2022-012)
  • CIFS-utils package updated to fix potential vulnerabilities: CVE-2020-14342, CVE-2021-20208, CVE-2022-27239, CVE-2022-29869.
  • NFS is now able to connect to shared folders of the NAS with ADM 4.0 normally.
  • ASUS USB-AX56 Wi-Fi dongle are now supported on ADM 4.1.
  • Web Center bug fixes.
  • App Central bug fixes.
  • Improved multilingual strings.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

How to update your ASUSTOR NAS

ASUSTOR made sure the process for updating an enclosure’s ADM OS is painless, so here’s how to do it for this latest release:

  1. Back up all the data stored on your ASUSTOR NAS.
  2. Go to Settings > ADM Update.
  3. Make sure Enable update notifications is checked if you want to receive notifications when you log onto the NAS.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the update process.

You can also click on “Manual Update” to upload an OS update package downloaded from the ASUSTOR website.

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