ASUSTOR releases ADM 4.1.0.RLQ1 OS update

ASUSTOR has rolled out an update for its ADM operating system, used to power the best NAS from the company. This latest release bumps the OS up to ADM 4.1.0.RLQ1. It includes a few potential vulnerability fixes, as well as USB Wi-Fi dongle support, which is something Synology removed.

What’s new in ADM 4.1.0.RLQ1

We’re always excited to see new changes and improvements made to NAS operating systems and the latest in line is ADM for ASUSTOR NAS. Here’s what you can expect to see added to the best NAS from the company:

  • Samba package updated to fix potential vulnerabilities: CVE-2022-32742, CVE-2022-2031, CVE-2022-32744, CVE-2022-32745, CVE-2022-32746. (AS-2022-014)
  • Fixed multiple Linux kernel vulnerabilities: CVE-2019-18282, CVE-2019-19527, CVE-2019-19532, CVE-2019-19537, CVE-2020-12770, CVE-2021-0605, CVE-2021-20317, CVE-2021-20321, CVE-2021-29154, CVE-2021-29650, CVE-2021-34556, CVE-2021-35477, CVE-2021-3732, CVE-2021-3753, CVE-2021-39633, CVE-2021-39698, CVE-2021-4149, CVE-2021-4203, CVE-2021-45868, CVE-2022-0185, CVE-2022-0330, CVE-2022-0617, CVE-2022-1011, CVE-2022-1048, CVE-2022-1055, CVE-2022-1353, CVE-2022-20008, CVE-2022-27666, CVE-2022-28893, CVE-2022-29582.
  • GnuTLS package updated to fix potential vulnerabilities: CVE-2020-24659, CVE-2021-20231, CVE-2021-20232.
  • Nettle package updated to fix potential vulnerabilities: CVE-2021-3580, CVE-2021-20305.
  • Avahi package updated to fix potential vulnerabilities: CVE-2021-3502, CVE-2021-3468.
  • Newly supported USB Wi-Fi dongles on ADM 4.1: ASUS USB-AC58, TP-Link Archer T3U Plus.
  • Improved multilingual strings.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

How to update your ASUSTOR NAS

ASUSTOR made sure the process for updating an enclosure’s ADM OS is painless, so here’s how to do it for this latest release:

  1. Back up all the data stored on your ASUSTOR NAS.
  2. Go to Settings > ADM Update.
  3. Make sure Enable update notifications is checked if you want to receive notifications when you log onto the NAS.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the update process.

You can also click on “Manual Update” to upload an OS update package downloaded from the ASUSTOR website.

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