ASUSTOR releases ADM 4.2.0.RC81 update

New update for your ASUSTOR NAS is out!

ASUSTOR rolling out an update just before the festive holidays and we’re here to take a look at what’s new. ADM 4.2.0.RC81 is the latest update and we’re going to run you through all the changes as well as how to install it on your NAS.

What’s new in ADM 4.2.0.RC81


  • ADM can now create Share Links for uploading files to an ASUSTOR NAS.
  • ADM now supports automatic mounting and dismounting of MyArchive drives when backing up data from an ASUSTOR NAS to a MyArchive drive.
  • The all-new designed quick guide improves explanations of the basic features of ADM.
  • When system volume usage approaches 95%, Snapshot Center, adds an option to prevent storage space from being completely used up by deleting older unlocked volume snapshots.
  • WireGuard VPN client supported in a separate app.
  • AD users can now use SFTP to connect to an ASUSTOR NAS access files.
  • ADM can now set up a trusted reverse proxy server to obtain the IP address of the client to help protect your NAS.


  • Dr. ASUSTOR can now export health records separately without a diagnostic scan.
  • ADM now supports updating old Let’s Encrypt certificates for with DNS Challenge. Port 80 does not need to be forwarded for updating Let’s Encrypt certificates.
  • The first bay of a NAS can now create a MyArchive drive if Volume 1 is created with M.2 SSDs.
  • Certificate for HTTPS connections can now be set for virtual hosts.
  • Terminal SSH and SFTP services can now use IPv6 logins.
  • The volume information will now be displayed while viewing the properties of a NAS file or folder in the ADM file explorer.
  • Linux Kernel parameters for using Intel QSV hardware accelerator are now properly enabled on Lockerstor Gen2.
  • The Drivestor and Drivestor Pro series can now be shut down normally over Wi-Fi.
  • When recycle bin is enabled for shared folders, AD users can now correctly send deleted files in recycle bin.
  • Samba package updated to fix potential vulnerabilities: CVE-2022-3437, CVE-2022-42898. (AS-2022-016)
  • Cups package updated to fix potential vulnerabilities: CVE-2015-1158.
  • Newly supported SAS JBOD devices on ADM 4.2: Seagate Exos E 2U12. (Available on: Lockerstor 12R Pro, Lockerstor 16R Pro)
  • Newly supported PCIe NIC devices on ADM 4.2: Broadcom P210TP – 10GBASE-T, Broadcom P225P – 25/10G SFP28/SFP+. (Available on: Lockerstor 12R Pro, Lockerstor 16R Pro)
  • Fix potential security issues.
  • ADM File Explorer bug fixes.
  • App Central bug fixes.
  • Share Link browsing page bug fixes.
  • Reverse Proxy bug fixes.
  • Improved multilingual strings.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

How to update your ASUSTOR NAS

ASUSTOR made sure the process for updating an enclosure’s ADM OS is painless, so here’s how to do it for this latest release on the best NAS:

  1. Back up all the data stored on your ASUSTOR NAS.
  2. Go to Settings > ADM Update.
  3. Make sure Enable update notifications is checked if you want to receive notifications when you log onto the NAS.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the update process.

You can also click on “Manual Update” to upload an OS update package downloaded from the ASUSTOR website.

By Richard Edmonds

Richard has been covering the technology industry for more than a decade. He has spent more time tinkering inside a PC chassis than anywhere else, for better or worse.

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