ASUSTOR rolls out ADM 4.0.5.RUE3, 3.5.9.RUE3 NAS OS updates



ASUSTOR has rolled out two updates for its ADM NAS OS. If you’re using newer enclosures from the company, you’ll be able to update to version 4.0.5.RUE3, while 3.5.9.RUE3 has been pushed out for AS-20, AS-30, and AS-60 NAS enclosures. We’re only looking at minor changes with these updates, but I’d still recommend upgrading your NAS.

What’s new in ADM 4.0.5.RUE3

Even if you’re running the best NAS from ASUSTOR, you’ll need the latest ADM OS updates in order to enjoy the enclosure to its fullest potential. Here’s everything that’s new in ADM 4.0.5.RUE3:

  • Fix security vulnerabilities.
  • Improved multilingual strings.

Should you be upgrading from ADM 3 to ADM 4 on a supported ASUSTOR NAS, make sure you’re aware of the following changes:

  • Surveillance Center will no longer support local display mode.
  • USB TV dongles will no longer be supported.
  • UPnP Media Server and iTunes Server can no longer be installed and will be removed after the upgrade.
  • The current version of RALUS (14.2.1180.r66) cannot be executed.
  • iTunes Server is not functional. Use OwnTone as a workaround.
  • Volumes, including MyArchive created on ADM 4.0 devices employing Linux Kernel 5 cannot be read using the AS6004U on AS10 series.

The company has further details on retired apps in ADM 4 on the official website.

What’s new in ADM 3.5.9.RUE3

As well as the latest ADM 4 releases, ASUSTOR maintains a software update channel for older enclosures that are not supported with the new OS. If you own an ASUSTOR NAS with the model that’s part of the AS-20, AS-30, and AS-60 families, you’ll receive the following through ADM 3.5.9.RUE3:

  • Fix security vulnerabilities.
  • Improved multilingual strings.

How to update your ASUSTOR NAS

ASUSTOR made sure the process for updating an enclosure’s ADM OS is painless, so here’s how to do it for this latest release:

  1. Back up all the data stored on your ASUSTOR NAS.
  2. Go to Settings > ADM Update.
  3. Make sure Enable update notifications is checked if you want to receive notifications when you log onto the NAS.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the update process.

You can also click on “Manual Update” to upload an OS update package downloaded from the ASUSTOR website.

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