Back up and restore your WordPress blog for free with QNAP NAS



QNAP announced a license-free WordPress backup solution for branded NAS enclosures. whether you host a WordPress-powered website on the NAS itself or on an external web server, this is a solution that should be considered if you’re serious about safeguarding your hard work.

Announced on the official QNAP website, the new service will be ideal for WordPress owners looking to back up, recover, or migrate websites. A large portion of websites you can visit online run WordPress, including NAS Master. It’s simple, efficient, scalable, and incredibly customizable.

One area that lacks with WordPress is backups. There is a way to quickly back up data but this has to be carried out manually, either through the WordPress admin panel or by copying across files on the webserver. QNAP’s multi-application recovery service (MARS) is set to change all that.

We’ve seen an increase in online attacks on NAS enclosures and webservers, making backups an incredibly important security measure. QNAP MARS will allow a WordPress site owner to quickly back up content, files, and the database to a QNAP NAS for safe storage. Even the best NAS will need to be backed up, just in case something happens.

Having your WordPress site backups located on a QNAP NAS enclosure would provide immediate physical access to your data. Not relying on a third party is a brilliant way to minimize risk. You can learn more about QNAP MARS for WordPress on the official website.

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