Best NAS deals for Prime Day 2022: Synology, TerraMaster, and drives

Prime Day is an annual celebration full of deals that Amazon likes to unload onto the world. During the few days, you’re able to save money on countless products, which has the negative effect of people purchasing products they don’t actually require. Thankfully, the best NAS is usually included, both enclosures and drives, and I’m rounding up deals you should look into if you’re already wanting to buy one.

Best NAS Prime Day deals

There are usually some fantastic savings to be had on NAS enclosures for Prime Day. I’ve rounded up some of the best promotions I’ve found on Amazon (and other retailers) for all the top NAS brands. I’m separating them to make the list easier to decipher.


QNAP TS-253D (Source: QNAP)

QNAP TS-253D-4G | Was $419 Now $249

QNAP’s TS-253D is a brilliant two-bay NAS with an Intel processor (support for 4K transcoding), upgradable DDR4 RAM, a decent OS, and a unique design.


Synology DiskStation DS920+
Synology DiskStation DS920+ (Source: Synology)

Synology DiskStation DS920+ | Was $550 Now $450

This is the best overall NAS for running Plex at home if all you need is somewhere to dump a load of music, shows, and films. It’s got an Intel processor, four drive bays, and M.2 SSD slots.

Synology DiskStation DS220+
Synology DiskStation DS220+ (Source: Synology)

Synology DiskStation DS220+ | Was $300 Now $246

One of my all-time favourite NAS from Synology is the DiskStation DS220+. There’s plenty to love about this two-bay NAS, including the Intel processor, two drive bays, upgradable RAM, and superb OS.


TerraMaster F2-221
TerraMaster F2-221 (Source: TerraMaster)

TerraMaster F2-221 | Was $260 Now $208

Rocking an Intel processor, upgradable RAM, and a decent OS, the TerraMaster F2-221 is a solid little enclosure that can handle 4K transcoding, should you want to build a Plex Media Server.

TerraMaster F2-210
TerraMaster F2-210 (Source: TerraMaster)

TerraMaster F2-210 | Was $160 Now $128

The TerraMaster F2-210 is designed for those who only need to store some documents, maybe a few backups, and some other bits and pieces. It’s a great starter NAS or one for college and university.

TerraMaster F4-210
TerraMaster F4-210 (Source: TerraMaster)

TerraMaster F4-210 | Was $290 Now $232

If you want the F2-210 but with a few more drive bays, the TerraMaster F4-210 is the NAS you should consider buying.

TerraMaster F5-422

TerraMaster F5-221 | Was $380 Now $304

Now we’re talking. Five drive bays, an Intel processor, upgradable DDR4 RAM, and two 1Gb LAN ports. All at an affordable price. This is a great NAS for running Plex.

TerraMaster F5-422

TerraMaster F5-422 | Was $600 Now $480

But perhaps you’d rather have a slightly faster Intel processor and support for more RAM? That’s where the F5-422 comes into play with its 10Gb LAN port for maximum bandwidth.

TerraMaster F8-422
TerraMaster F8-422 (Source: TerraMaster)

TerraMaster F8-422 | Was $1,300 Now $1,040

You likely don’t require a NAS enclosure with eight drive bays, but it would be nice to own one right? That’s the TerraMaster F8-422 in a nutshell with 10Gb LAN, 4GB of upgradable RAM, and an Intel CPU.

Best NAS drive Prime Day deals

NAS enclosures are useless without storage drives. Luckily, Prime Day also brings forth some excellent savings on HDDs and SSDs. Whether you need to populate a mechanical drive array or install a few M.2 SSDs for caching, these discounts will be just what you need to save some money.


Seagate IronWolf Pro
Seagate IronWolf Pro (Source: Seagate)

Seagate IronWolf Pro 14TB | Was $490 Now $300

Seagate’s IronWolf Pro range of NAS hard drives is perfect for populating an enclosure with reliable storage. This 14TB drive is excellent for Plex and other heavy storage use at $300.

Seagate IronWolf
Seagate IronWolf (Source: Seagate)

Seagate IronWolf 4TB | Was $111 Now $83

Seagate’s more affordable IronWolf line-up of drives (compared to the Pro series) are still fantastic storage drives for NAS enclosures. This 4TB is a solid drive to build a RAID at $83

Western Digital

WD Black SN850
WD Black SN850 (Source: Western Digital)

WD BLACK SN850 1TB | Was $230 Now $110

Whether you’re looking to improve your NAS with some affordable NVMe SSD storage or caching, WD’s Black SN850 series of SSDs will do the job just fine. This 1TB SSD is just $110.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

TerraMaster F4-423
TerraMaster F4-423 (Source: NAS Master)

This year, Amazon Prime Day occurs between July 12-13 but you’ll be able to find deals in the days leading up to the event. It’s important to have an Amazon Prime account active and ready for quick shipping and the ability to take advantage of deals.

Some deals will be open to everyone while others will be locked for Prime members only.

How to pick the best NAS deals

Choosing the best NAS deals is incredibly important, much like any deal in life. The most important factors for choosing a NAS enclosure are price, drive bays, processor, and features. The more bays a NAS has, the higher the cost, and the same goes for the CPU and features like upgradable RAM.

There could be an incredible discount applied to a product but you should ask yourself a few questions before making the purchase. I’ve put together some helpful tips right here to help you find the best NAS deals.

Is it actually a deal?

Not all deals are equal. Some may be decent savings on products you’d purchase otherwise. Some may be reductions on actual inflated prices, and others will be discounts on things you probably shouldn’t buy. For a NAS enclosure, I make sure to recommend actual deals that are worth checking out.

I utilize tools like CamelCamelCamel, which you can too (and I highly recommend you do so!), to make sure a deal on Amazon is actually worth considering. If the price was previously lower prior to a discount, I do a little more research to ensure it’s a promotion and not some form of “gotcha.”

Do you really need the deal?

Do you really need the product? If you’re shopping around for a NAS enclosure or some drives, the answer is likely “yes.” I only recommend products here on NAS Master that I either use, have reviewed, or would stand by. You’ll never find any products recommended here that aren’t what I’d use.

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