Best RAM for QNAP TS-664



The QNAP TS664 is an impressive piece of kit. The impressive Intel Celeron processor is capable of handling up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM as supported by QNAP. This guide will showcase the best RAM for QNAP TS-664 as well as how to go about installing it.

What RAM is supported by QNAP TS-664

The QNAP TS-664 is either kitted out with an Intel Celeron N5095 or N5105 but both processors are almost identical aside from a few differences in clock speeds. Regardless of which processor you have with the QNAP TS-664, the RAM inside this NAS can be upgraded.

The TS-664 officially supports up to 16GB of DDR4 system memory and QNAP installs 4GB at the factory. Two SODIMM slots are available whereby the single preinstalled module can be removed and two new sticks installed.

4GB is usually enough for most use cases with the best NAS but more will be required for surveillance, virtual machines, and other tasks. Thankfully, QNAP makes it easy to pick modules to upgrade the NAS with both official and unofficial RAM kits available.

Best RAM for QNAP TS-664



This is QNAP’s officially supported RAM modules for the TS-664. If you want to install two 8GB modules for 16GB total and receive support from QNAP, this is the kit to get.

Crucial CT2K8G4SFRA266
Crucial CT2K8G4SFRA266. (Source: Crucial)

Crucial CT2K8G4SFRA266 16GB

Here we’ve got a 16GB kit from Crucial, comprising two 8GB DDR4 modules running at 2666MT/s. While unofficial, they should work just fine and save you some money in the process.

Kingston KVR32S22D8
Kingston KVR32S22D8. (Source: Kingston)

Kingston KVR32S22D8 16GB

Another unofficial 16GB kit but this time it’s from Kingston. This brand is just as reliable as Crucial when it comes to system memory and this RAM kit should work wonders inside the TS-664.

How to install RAM in QNAP TS-664

Installing RAM inside the QNAP TS-664 is an easy process that doesn’t require any tools. 4GB of DDR4 RAM is already preinstalled from the factory, but this quick guide will show you how to add more modules to bring the total up to 16GB.

  1. Remove all drive bays from the QNAP TS-644. (We’ve got a collection of the best NAS drives if you need them.)
  2. Remove the 4GB module from the primary DIMM slot (if installing two new modules).
  3. Install the newly purchased RAM module(s).
  4. Reinstall the drive bays.
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