Synology DiskStation DS218+

Best RAM for Synology DiskStation DS218+

Synology’s DiskStaton DS218+ is an older NAS but is still more than capable of being used for storing files and even running a Plex Media server for some movie streaming. In this guide, we’ll run you through what RAM can be used to upgrade this NAS and how to go about installing the modules.

What RAM is supported by Synology DiskStation DS218+

The Synology DiskStation DS218+ is an Intel-powered NAS enclosure with an Intel Celeron J3355 processor. This chip is capable of supporting up to 8GB of DDR3 and DDR4 RAM. Synology officially supports up to 6GB with the DS218+ though it’s possible to go up to 16GB.

Synology installed 2GB at the factory, and there’s a spare DIMM slot located inside the enclosure that can take 4GB (officially), though an 8GB module could be installed. A second DIMM slot with the aforementioned 2GB of RAM is located on the opposite side of the PCB, requiring the outer case to be removed.

This NAS only supports DDR3 RAM and not DDR4. Upgrading the RAM in even the best NAS around is a sure way to boost performance. Should you be considering an enclosure upgrade and wish to keep the same two drive bays, may we recommend either the Synology DiskStation DS220+ or ASUSTOR Lockerstor 2 Gen2 (AS6702T).

Best RAM for Synology DiskStation DS218+

Synology D3NS1866L-4G
Synology D3NS1866L-4G. (Source: Synology)

Synology D3NS1866L-4G

The official memory from Synology. This may be more expensive than other aftermarket options, but you’re going to be able to rely on Synology for full NAS support with this installed.

A-Tech D3NS1866L-4G
A-Tech D3NS1866L-4G. (Source: A-Tech)

A-Tech D3NS1866L-4G

This is a budget-friendly alternative to the official 4GB memory modules from Synology. They have the same speed and capacity and would work well with the preinstalled 2GB RAM.

Crucial CT102464BF160B
Crucial CT102464BF160B. (Source: Crucial)

Crucial CT102464BF160B

You can install this RAM inside the spare DIMM slot for a total of 10GB, or extract the 2GB preinstalled module and throw two of these inside the DS218+. Crucial’s a reliable brand for memory.

How to install RAM in Synology DiskStation DS218+

How to go about installing RAM inside the Synology DiskStation DS218+ depends largely on whether you’re simply adding a new stick of RAM or replacing the existing 2GB that’s preinstalled. Simply skip steps 2-4 if you’re only adding a new module and don’t want to touch the 2GB RAM.

  1. Remove all drive bays from the Synology DiskStation DS218+. (We’ve got a collection of the best NAS drives if you need them.)
  2. Remove the screws on the rear of the DS218+.
  3. Extract the outer case panel.
  4. Remove the 2GB module from the primary DIMM slot.
  5. Install the newly purchased RAM module(s). (The second DIMM slot is located inside the NAS itself.)
  6. Reattach the outer case panel (if removed) and reinstall the drive bays.
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