Synology DiskStation DS224+ drive trays removed

Best RAM for Synology DiskStation DS224+

Synology’s DiskStation DS224+ is an excellent NAS that ships with 2 GB of RAM. This is enough for most people but if you find yourself running out of system memory, it takes less than a minute to expand the capacity. This guide will show you not only what we consider to be the best RAM for Synology DiskStation DS224+ but also how to install it.

The Synology DiskStation DS224+ is considered as one of the best NAS available for those seeking a great value. It’s a two-bay enclosure with some beefy specifications and a solid operating system.

How to upgrade RAM in Synology DiskStation DS224+

Synology DiskStation DS224+ RAM slot
Synology DiskStation DS224+ RAM slot. (Source: NM)

The process of installing a RAM module inside the Synology DiskStation DS224+ is a straightforward process as the enclosure only has a single DIMM slot available. No tools are required for this guide and it takes less than a minute to complete.

  1. Power down the Synology DiskStation DS224+.
  2. Take out the two drive trays.
  3. The RAM slot is located on the side where the power button is.
  4. Take out the newly purchased RAM from its packaging.
  5. Carefully insert the module into the slot, matching the notch to that on the module.
  6. Re-insert the drive trays.

These steps are optional but highly recommended.

  1. Open up Synology Assistant.
  2. Click the cog icon in the top-right.
  3. Enable “Memory test”.
  4. Right-click the Synology DiskStation DS224+ on the list to start the memory test.

After the memory test has been completed successfully, log into the Synology DiskStation DS224+ to ensure the RAM is being registered correctly by the DiskStation Manager OS. Upgrading and expanding the amount of system memory available will make the DS224+ more responsive, especially in busier households and offices.

Best RAM for Synology DiskStation DS224+

Synology D4NESO-2666-4G

Best official RAM

Synology D4NESO-2666-4G, the best RAM for Synology DiskStation DS224+
Synology D4NESO-2666-4G. (Source: Synology)

This D4NESO-2666-4G kit from Synology is the official upgrade for the DiskStation DS224+. It’s pricey but guaranteed to work with all DS224+ enclosures and is fully supported by Synology.

Crucial CT4G4SFS8266

Best value RAM

Crucial SODIMM DDR4-2666
Crucial SODIMM DDR4-2666 RAM. (Source: Crucial)

Crucial makes some of the best memory module kits on the market and its CT4G4SFS8266 RAM is the same as Synology’s branded offering. It’s not an official upgrade but it will save you considerably.

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