Best RAM for Synology DiskStation DS723+

Upgrade your two-bay NAS into a monster.

The Synology DiskStation DS723+ was released in 2023 and contains some powerful hardware. But if you plan on using the server for some intensive tasks, it may be wise to expand the 4GB preinstalled system memory. We’ve rounded up the best RAM for Synology DiskStation DS723+ to help you make the right purchase.

What RAM is supported by Synology DiskStation DS723+

Synology’s DiskStation DS723+ is a powerful little unit with two drive bays, an AMD Ryzen processor (not your typical desktop chip), and support for up to 32GB of RAM. The AMD Ryzen R1600 itself is capable of boosting up to 3.1GHz, allowing you to perform heavy tasks without encountering sluggish performance.

4GB of DDR4 RAM is installed by default and this is usually enough for most NAS use, but if you fancy yourself doing more on the server, we’d recommend expanding the system memory. Two DIMM slots are available inside the DiskStation DS723+ and Synology states the NAS can support up to 32GB of DDR4.

Usually, only the best NAS allow one to upgrade and expand the RAM so it’s good to see the DS723+ offer similar support. Let’s move to our DDR4 RAM recommendations.

Best RAM for Synology DiskStation DS723+

A-Tech DDR4 PC4-21300 8GB
A-Tech DDR4 PC4-21300 8GB. (Source: A-Tech)

A-Tech PC4-21300 8GB

While Synology would much prefer you use their own branded modules (and pay the small premium for the luxury), it is possible to use aftermarket modules like this A-Tech DIMM.

Synology D4ES01 RAM
Synology D4ES02 RAM. (Source: Synology)

Synology D4ES02-8G 8GB

Synology offers its official RAM modules for branded NAS enclosures. They’re expensive but you will have peace of mind and full support from the company should an issue arise down the line. This kit would double the available memory of the DS1522+.

Arch Memory AM-D4ES01-16G
Arch Memory AM-D4ES01-16G (Source: Arch)

Arch Memory AM-D4ES01-16G 16GB

This is an unofficially supported RAM module that emulates the Synology D4ES01-16, which means it should be compatible with the DS923+. Install two of these and you’ve got 32GB of unofficial RAM.

Synology D4ES01-16G
Synology D4ES01-16G. (Source: Synology)

Synology D4ES01-16G 16GB

This Synology D4ES01 module has 16GB of DDR4, allowing you to install two of them for an official capacity of 32GB to be met with Synology DIMMs. You can make use of full support for the NAS, but it’s really pricey.

v-Color TES416G26D819K-VKC
v-Color TES416G26D819K-VKC. (Source: v-Color)

v-Color TES416G26D819K-VKC 32GB

v-Color makes some great affordable RAM for PCs and the company also makes some memory modules for servers, including NAS. Not only does this 32GB kit save you money (and lots of it), but some DS1522+ owners have managed to go up to 64GB. We’ve not confirmed the modules work so your mileage may vary.

How to install RAM in Synology DiskStation DS723+

Fear not if you’re unfamiliar with PC building as installing RAM inside the Synology DiskStation DS723+ is a far more straightforward process. 4GB of DDR4 RAM is preinstalled from the factory, but this quick guide will show you how to add new RAM modules to bring the total up to the officially supported 32GB.

  1. Remove all drive bays from the Synology DiskStation DS723+. (We’ve got a collection of the best NAS drives if you need them.)
  2. Remove the 4GB module from the primary DIMM slot (if installing two new modules).
  3. Install the newly purchased RAM module(s).
  4. Reinstall the drive bays.

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