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Best RAM for Synology DiskStation DS920+



Looking to provide your Synology DiskStation DS920+ a significant performance boost? You’ll want to consider installing an additional RAM module, which the NAS can use to store more data for quicker access. Here’s what you’ll need and how to go about installing it.

What RAM is supported by Synology DS920+?

Synology’s DiskStation DS920+ runs an Intel Celeron J4125 processor. It’s more powerful than what’s found inside the DiskStation DS220+, but the RAM capacity and support are the same as Intel and Synology. This means we can expect to see official support of speeds up to 2400 MT/s using DDR4/LPDDR4.

Synology offers its own RAM module that’ll work with the DiskStation DS920+. It’s pricier than you’d pay for other kits from competitors, but this does mean you can go to Synology for complete NAS support. The D4NESO-2666-4G is the only real choice available since the NAS supports up to 6GB, including the 2GB of preinstalled memory.

It’s possible to use non-branded RAM, but Synology likely wouldn’t offer support. Therefore, while the official RAM is considerably more expensive, having peace of mind may be worth the extra cost with one of the best NAS around.

Best RAM for Synology DS920+

Synology D4NESO
Synology D4NESO. (Source: Synology)

Synology RAM (D4NESO-2666-4G)

This official RAM upgrade kit from Synology ensures your NAS will be running at its full potential without any concern of incompatibility. It’s just a little on the expensive side.

How to install RAM in Synology DS920+

The process of installing RAM modules inside the Synology DiskStation DS920+ couldn’t be easier. It’s a similar process to other Synology NAS, should you be familiar with any of them. No tools are required since all we’ll need is to remove the four drive bays to gain access to the RAM slot.

I’d recommend running a memory test on the purchased RAM using an available PC, if possible, before installing them inside the NAS.

  1. Power down the Synology DiskStation DS920+.
  2. Remove all four drive trays.
  3. Install the newly purchased RAM module into the available slot.
  4. Reinsert all the extracted drive trays into the bays.

That’s all there is to it! Simply power up the NAS and double-check Synology DSM is seeing the full capacity installed.

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