TerraMaster F2-223

Best RAM for TerraMaster F2-223

In order to make the most of your TerraMaster F2-223, you’ll need to make sure you have enough RAM to run all the apps and services you require. TerraMaster includes 4GB of DDR4 out the gate, but you can install up to a maximum supported 32GB of system memory. This guide will show you what you’ll need.

What RAM is supported by TerraMaster F2-223?

The TerraMaster F2-223 has an Intel Celeron J4505 processor, which supports DDR4 RAM. The memory support for DDR4/LPDDR4 can hit transfer speeds of up to 2933 MT/s, though, like desktop-class RAM, it’s possible to go beyond this.

Like Synology, TerraMaster has started offering its own memory modules. If you’re wanting officially supported components so you can receive support from TerraMaster directly with any issues, it’s best to go with the company’s branded RAM.

It’s possible to use non-branded RAM, but TerraMaster likely wouldn’t offer support. Therefore, while the official RAM is considerably more expensive, having peace of mind as you would with the best NAS may be worth the extra cost.

Best RAM for TerraMaster F2-223

TerraMaster DDR4-2666 8G RAM

TerraMaster DD4-2666 8GB RAM
TerraMaster DD4-2666 8GB RAM. (Source: TerraMaster)

TerraMaster’s official RAM module is supported by the F2-223, among other company enclosures. It has a speed of 2666MT/s, which isn’t too bad, and offers 8GB of capacity, allowing for a total of 16GB with two installed.

TerraMaster DDR4-2400 4G RAM

TerraMaster DDR4-2400 4GB RAM
TerraMaster DDR4-2400 4GB RAM. (Source: TerraMaster)

This module is half the size and has a slight reduction in speed, but does allow one to double the amount of system memory inside the F2-223 through the addition of a second 4GB module.

How to install RAM in TerraMaster F2-223

TerraMaster F2-223
First RAM DIMM slot on the TerraMaster F2-223.

The two DIMM slots are located on the side of the main PCB, and as such installing RAM inside the TerraMaster F2-223 requires the removal of the outer shell. Here’s how quickly carry out the upgrade:

  1. Power down the TerraMaster F2-223.
  2. Remove the screws on the rear of the NAS.
  3. Detach the fan cable from the main PCB.
  4. Extract the outer shell from the main chassis.
  5. One DIMM slot is located with the two M.2 slots and the other DIMM slot is on the inside of the PCB.
  6. Take out the newly purchased RAM from its packaging.
  7. Carefully insert the module into the slot, matching the notch to that on the module. Remove the existing module, if necessary.
  8. Reattach the outer shell and secure the rear fan to the main chassis.
  9. Re-insert the hard drive bays.
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