Boost your NAS storage with discounted 10TB WD Red Plus drives



If you’ve just bought yourself a NAS and need some drives to fill it with, there’s a sale on right now that covers Western Digital’s Red Plus range of NAS hard drives. The 10TB model, which opens up doors of possibilities on a server, is currently the cheapest I’ve seen yet.

The 10TB Western Digital HDD is currently listed on Amazon for $200. This seems like a fair chunk of change to spend on drives for a NAS enclosure that itself can cost an equal amount (if not more). But should you be planning to pick up a few smaller capacity drives, a 10TB HDD could free up bays for further expansion.

WD 10TB Red Plus | $85 off

I’m a big fan of Western Digital’s Red Plus series of NAS hard drives. Just like Seagate IronWolf, they’re specifically designed for use in connected storage.

Hard drives like the Western Digital Red Plus series focus on capacity and value over speed. These drives will not come close to more expensive SSDs, but they’re still among the best NAS drives out there. It’s possible to install up to eight of these 10TB drives in a single NAS.

Not taking into account RAID and the reservation of space for data redundancy and volume repair, this would total 80TB, a colossal amount of data. Because it’s one of the larger WD drives, it houses a 7,200 RPM motor for faster data transfer.

The Red Plus range tops out at 14TB, so this drive is right up there with the best capacities. And don’t worry if you write a lot of data as WD Red Plus is capable of handling up to 180 TB per year. Backed by a three-year limited warranty, there’s plenty to love about the Western Digital Red Plus.

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