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Buffalo adds 2FA to TeraStation 3020, 5010, and 6000 NAS



Two-factor authentication (better known as simply 2FA) has been rolled out to a number of Buffalo network-attached storage (NAS) enclosures as part of a firmware update. The NAS affected by this update release includes the TerraStation 3020, TerraStation 5010, and TerraStation 6000. Here’s all you need to know.

2FA is a means of requiring two levels of authentication to unlock access, providing an additional layer of security. Buffalo is rolling out this feature to the aforementioned NAS to help secure data and shield the enclosure against cyber threats such as ransomware. We’ve seen a substantial increase in NAS attacks.

It doesn’t appear that any NAS vendor is safe from ransomware and other cyber threats. All that can be done is to release frequent patches to address vulnerabilities and improve security practices. Using 2FA for any service and/or website is a great way to protect yourself from potential security risks.

Instead of just relying on a username and password, 2FA would require the entering of a randomized code or a confirmation of this action via a communication channel. As is the case for any piece of hardware, Buffalo also recommends owners check for the latest firmware updates.

Credential theft has been on the rise in recent years, and refinement in social engineering and brute-forcing techniques by threat actors means a strong login password alone is no longer an acceptable security barrier. Using 2FA is good cybersecurity hygiene practice as it ensures that your login information cannot be easily compromised by a threat actor, especially if you are logging in remotely, and can significantly improve data security for your NAS.


Even the best NAS can be affected by cyber threats. Here at NAS Master, we strongly urge everyone to check they’re running the latest version of the NAS enclosure operating system. If possible, 2FA should be enabled on all accounts with access to the NAS.

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