Grab yourself Western Digital 4TB NAS HDDs at their lowest price yet



There’s a sale currently going on for Western Digital 4TB Red NAS hard drives. These are solid units that strike a good balance between value and capacity. While the Red series of Western Digital drives aren’t as flashy as Red Plus or Red Pro, they’re certainly worth considering for enclosures where loads of data will be saved.

Amazon has the 4TB Western Digital Red NAS HDD listed for $69.99, a full 30% discount off the original $99.99 asking price. This is the lowest I’ve seen this capacity model, making it an ideal purchase if you want lots of space at a good price.

Western Digital Red

Western Digital 4TB Red HDD

Western Digital’s Red series of NAS hard drives are excellent for NAS enclosures. If you’re wanting to store plenty of data on your NAS, these drives are perfect at this discounted price.

The Western Digital Red series isn’t the best NAS drives around and they won’t win any awards for performance, but they more than makeup for this in value. You can install up to eight of these drives in a single enclosure.

The motor is capable of running at 5400RPM, which is fairly standard for more affordable NAS mechanical drives. Because it’s designed with NAS use in mind, the 4TB Western Digital Red drive has NASware firmware and features that help enhance reliability. You should be good for up to 180TB per year read or written on the HDD.

Backed by a three-year limited warranty, there’s plenty to love about the Western Digital Red. Do yourself (and your NAS) a favour and save some money on this 4TB upgrade.

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