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How to disable system sounds on Synology NAS

BEEP BEEP BEEP. That’s not what you want to hear with your Synology NAS. An enclosure running DiskStation Manager will sound an alert if something serious has been detected by the OS. This can include issues with a drive or volume. Here’s what they could mean and how to disable them.

What is a system beep on Synology NAS?

The system sound can refer to a few alerts. The OS will note exactly what has been detected on the desktop and Control Panel app. Here’s what the beep could mean:

  • The volume has degraded.
  • The volume has crashed.
  • The SSD cache is abnormal.
  • An issue with the cooling fan(s).

How to turn off a system beep on Synology NAS

If you have a beep that’s currently sounding on your Synology NAS and are able to log into DSM, here’s how to turn it off:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Hardware & Power.
  2. Scroll down the General tab to Beep Control.
  3. Click on Beep Off.

How to disable system beeps on Synology NAS

You can, if desired, disable the system sounds within DiskStation Manager. I wouldn’t recommend this unless you frequently check on the NAS or have it alert you through a different method.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Hardware & Power.
Hardware & Power Synology DSM 7
Selecting Hardware & Power in Synology DSM 7 Control Panel. (Source: NAS Master)
  1. Scroll down the General tab to Beep Control.
General System settings DSM 7
Configuring system beeps in Synology DSM 7. (Source: NM)
  1. Choose which alerts you’d like the NAS to sound a beep for.

This view also shows the reason for a current beep, should one be sounding, as aforementioned. When your NAS sounds an alert, it’s usually best to quickly log in and check all is well.

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