How to reboot a Synology NAS

Give your NAS a quick reboot.

There may be a time when rebooting your Synology NAS is required. This guide will run you through the necessary steps since there are a few ways to go about completing this task. Whether the DiskStation Manager (DSM) OS has locked up or you need to quickly perform a reboot, here’s how to do it.

How to reboot Synology NAS with DSM

The recommended way to gracefully reboot the Synology NAS is through DiskStation Manager. It takes but two clicks to reboot the NAS safely:

  1. Click on the user icon in the top-right of the web admin UI.
  2. Choose Reboot.
Synology DSM Reboot Tutorial
The reboot option in Synology DSM. (Source: NAS Master)
  1. Confirm you wish to reboot the NAS by choosing Yes.
Synology DSM Reboot Tutorial
Rebooting down a Synology NAS (Source: NAS Master)
  1. Wait for the NAS to perform the reboot.

How to reboot Synology NAS with the power button

You don’t have to reboot the best Synology NAS using DSM. The task can be performed through the use of the physical power button on the enclosure itself.

  1. Press and hold the power button for approximately five seconds. (The status indicator should start flashing.)
  2. Wait for the NAS to gracefully shut down.
  3. Press the power button.

How to schedule reboots in Synology DSM

If you’d rather configure the NAS to automatically shut itself down and start up again, this can be achieved using the power schedule management tool within Synology DSM. Follow these steps to set up such a sequence:

  1. Click on Control Panel on the Synology DSM desktop.
Control Panel Synology Tutorial
Control Panel shortcut in Synology DSM. (Source: NAS Master)
  1. Click on Hardware & Power.
Synology DSM Control Panel Power Tutorial
Selecting Hardware & Power in Control Panel. (Source: NAS Master)
  1. Click on Power Schedule. This displays all the automated power commands.
  2. Click on Create to set up a new command.
Synology DSM Power Schedule
Synology DSM Power Schedule. (Source: NAS Master)
  1. Choose whether this is a startup or shutdown command. (We’ll choose shutdown first.)
  2. Select the date and time for this action to take place. (If we’re to use this to perform a reboot, we can set a second startup command a few moments after a shutdown command.)
Synology DSM Power Scheduler
Synology DSM Power Scheduler. (Source: NAS Master)
  1. Click OK to confirm the selection.
  2. Redo steps 4-7 for the startup command. (Set it to perform a minute or so after the shutdown command.)
Synology DSM Power Schedule
Configured Power Schedule commands in DSM. (Source: NAS Master)
  1. Click on Apply to save the changes.

Performing a regular reboot of your Synology NAS can help to keep everything running smoothly. While using the best NAS you can afford, I’d always recommend installing the best NAS drives to ensure maximum reliability.

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