How to replace a drive in QNAP NAS

Just like a laptop or desktop PC, there are multiple ways to install or replace a drive in QNAP NAS. First, it’s possible to simply add new drives into available empty bays, but if your NAS is already fully populated with storage drives, you’ll need to replace one with an equal or larger capacity. Here’s how to do it in QNAP’s QTS.

What you should know before replacing a drive

It’s possible to replace a drive by removing one and allowing the RAID to rebuild with a new drive, which is especially handy when faults are detected. Then there’s the ability for QTS to facilitate the replacement of a drive, which can be used for expanding a storage pool.

We’d always recommend using a form of RAID to help mitigate against any data loss should things go wrong. Always back up your data on a regularly basis. One should never rely on RAID for absolute data protection and you should always have more than one copy.

It goes without saying, we recommend the use of the best NAS drives inside a QNAP NAS.

How to replace a drive in QNAP NAS

If you want to expand the storage pool, there are a few steps we recommend you take to ensure the process carries out without any issues.

  1. Log into your QNAP NAS.
  2. Go to Storage Manager > Storage Space.
  3. Select the storage pool that has the drive you wish to replace.
  4. Click Manage.
  5. Select the RAID group.
  6. Click Replace Disks One by One.
  7. Click the drive you wish to replace.
  8. Click Change.
  9. Remove the selected drive
  10. Insert the replacement drive into the same bay.

How to replace a faulty drive in QNAP NAS

If you’ve been alerted to a faulty drive and are using a RAID, it’s incredibly easy to replace the drive with a working one.

  1. Remove the faulty drive.
  2. Wait for the QTS OS to detect its removal.
  3. Insert the new drive into the available bay.
  4. Wait for the RAID to fix itself.
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