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OpenMediaVault releases 6.4 update

OpenMediaVault is one of the popular choices for those creating their own DIY NAS and the team behind the operating systems has just rolled out version 6.4. This guide will run you through everything new in the main package, as well as a few others included in the release batch.

What’s new in OpenMediaVault 6.4?


  • Update locale files.
  • Various improvements.
  • Upgrade to Angular 14.
  • Improve omv-btrfs-scrub and scheduled Btrfs error checks. Deduplicate file system UUID to prevent unnecessary work.
  • Configure DHCP overrides in
  • Improve DNS configuration. systemd-resolved is now fully responsible for network name resolution.
  • Add snapshot lifecycle management to clean up snapshots of shared folders according to given rules. The tool omv-sfsnapadm is called hourly by a cron job to do the cleanup. The settings can be found at Storage | Shared Folders | All Snapshots in the UI. This feature is disabled by default.


  • Fix bug in the bonding network interface configuration page. The Primary field is only used by the active-backup, balance-tlb and balance-alb modes.

There were also updates to the following packages:

openmediavault-clamav 6.0.4

  • Update locale files.
  • Immediately run scheduled task when pressing the Play button.

openmediavault-usbbackup 6.0.3

  • Update locale files.
  • Immediately run scheduled task when pressing the Play button.

How to install this OpenMediaVault update

Installing the latest version of OpenMediaVault on your DIY NAS couldn’t be easier. Follow these steps and you’ll be installing the latest release in no time at all:

  1. Log into OpenMediaVault.
  2. Go to System > Update Management.

Here you can check for and install available updates, as well as configure whether you want access to the OMV beta channel (not recommended for a live NAS). The rest of the plugin updates can be managed as usual.

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