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Plex Media Server squashes a plethora of bugs


The Plex Media Server squad has rolled out a new update for the software package. Version squashes numerous bugs, including one that didn’t respect custom install paths during an automatic update on 64-bit Windows. Here’s everything new and how to install the update on a NAS.

What’s new in Plex


  • (PLEASE NOTE) Please also be patient when updating to this version if you have a very large database and allow the upgrade process to finish.
  • Rename ‘un/played’ to ‘un/watched’ terminology for video types (PM-1042)
  • We have identified an issue where automatic updates were not respecting custom paths for existing Windows 64-bit installs. Unfortunately, any automatic fix would introduce security vulnerabilities so we encourage users who installed in a custom path to uninstall and then manually reinstall Plex Media Server.


  • (Auto Update) Custom install paths are not respected when auto-updating on 64 bit Windows. (PM-1143)
  • (CreditsDetection) Retry detection only a limited amount of times on failures (PM-1093)
  • (DB Optimize) Server could become unresponsive during a DB optimize in certain circumstances (PM-1129)
  • (History) Query parsing would return Bad Request when encountering includeFields arguments.
  • (History) View history would yield fewer entries than requested (PM-1306)
  • (Loudness Analysis) Some files could cause errors when preforming Loudness Analysis. (PM-627)
  • (Mac) Linker optimization would incorrectly generate code that would cause the server to unexpectedly exit while syncing view state. (PM-1308)
  • (Nvidia Shield) Running on Nvidia Shield would result in ‘core component problem’ error. (PM-1364)
  • (Push Notifications) Used expensive DB query during playback progress notifications (PM-1166)
  • (Thumbnails) Thumbnails were not properly updated when underlying file changed (PM-1162)
  • (Trailers) Premium trailers and extras could fail to load (PM-1347)
  • (Transcoder) On Windows, headless (no display attached) Nvidia cards were not recognized (PM-962)
  • (Transcoder) On Windows, the first Intel device was used for transcoding regardless of which Intel device was selected (PM-962)

How to install this Plex Media Server update

Package Manager DSM 7
Plex in Package Manager DSM 7. (Source: NAS Master)

Installing the latest version of Plex Media Server couldn’t be easier. Should you be running the software on the best NAS for Plex, all you need to do is run the update process using the enclosure’s web UI. If you want to do it manually, download the update from Plex and upload it to your NAS for installation.

I’ve written some guides on how to install and update Plex Media Server for specific NAS brands:

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