Plex Media Server update is now available

The Plex team has released another small update for the Plex Media Server package. Like other incremental releases before this version, we’re only looking at minor fixes and changes, but it’s good to see frequent releases hit the website. We’ll go through everything new in Plex version right here.

What is Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server update includes the following:


  • (Database) Improved startup performance by up to 70% when several migrations are run in sequence (#13541)
  • (Music) Modernized the metadata matching and refresh logic (#13539)


  • (Bandwidth) In some cases downloads didn’t respect bandwidth limits (#13545)
  • (Butler) Artists would get refreshed too frequently during the scheduled task window (#13575)
  • (DVR) Fix stream DVR/Live TV to Chromecast (#13205)
  • (EPG) Original air dates could be imported with incorrect time zone offsets for shows (#13533)
  • (Library) Setting items’ originally-available dates to certain values in the distant past could fail (#13544)
  • (Library) The server could crash while searching for lyrics during metadata updates (#13622)
  • (LibraryGarbageCollector) Watched content scheduled for deletion could be removed prematurely (#13617)
  • (Metadata) Don’t pull in ratings from legacy TVDB agent (these no longer exist)
  • (Metadata) Episodes could get incorrect dates set on them with “Prefer local metadata” enabled (#13580)
  • (Music) Artists would not save sort title from embedded tags (#13604)

How to install this Plex Media Server update

Installing the latest version of Plex Media Server couldn’t be easier. Should you be running the software on the best NAS for Plex, all you need to do is run the update process using the enclosure’s web UI. If you’d want to do it manually, download the update from Plex and upload it to your NAS for installation.

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