Plex Media Server update is now available

Prepare your Plex server for another small update.

The Plex team has released another small update for its media server platform. Pushing Plex Media Server up to version includes a few important fixes for the database, transcoder, and a few other parts of the service. If you’ve experienced an issue with Plex, see if it has been fixed with this latest release.

What is Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server update includes the following:


  • (Database) Fix an issue where re-migrating a database could fail after downgrading, interrupting the server startup process, then immediately re-upgrading (#13643)
  • (Library) When media was deleted it could leave behind its sidecar files (#13479)
  • (Music) Album year and date fields could differ when preferring local metadata (#13591)
  • (Transcoder) Audio could drop out partway through playback when remixing videos with very long keyframe intervals to DASH (#13411)

How to install this Plex Media Server update

Plex Media Server
Plex Media Server app (Source: NAS Master)

Installing the latest version of Plex Media Server couldn’t be easier. Should you be running the software on the best NAS for Plex, all you need to do is run the update process using the enclosure’s web UI. If you’d want to do it manually, download the update from Plex and upload it to your NAS for installation.

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