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Plex Media Server is a popular cataloging and streaming platform for those wishing to create their own Spotify and Netflix. The server package can be installed on almost anything, including NAS, and it has just been updated to version Here’s all you need to know about what’s new and how to install it.

What’s new in Plex Media Server

There’s quite a lot to unpack with this latest release of Plex, including a brand-new feature that allows one to alter the audio and subtitle stream preferences for an entire series and/or season. As well as this neat addition to the streaming experience, there are also numerous bug fixes.


  • (TV) Add series- and season-level preferences controlling audio and subtitle stream selection (#8036)


  • Request to system/agents could fail.
  • (CreditsDetection) Scanner might quit unexpectedly in some cases (#14169)
  • (First Run) Library creation could fail during set up (#14161)*
  • (Playlist) > Smart playlists could fail when set to show/season/artist/album types when requested by someone other than server admin (#13427)
  • (Push) The server could exit unexpectedly if a database error occurred within certain notification-handling code (#14112)
  • (Scanner) TV episodes with certain naming formats involving underscores could fail to be scanned in (#14111)

How to install this Plex Media Server update

Package Manager DSM 7
Plex in Package Manager DSM 7. (Source: NAS Master)

Installing the latest version of Plex Media Server couldn’t be easier. Should you be running the software on the best NAS for Plex, all you need to do is run the update process using the enclosure’s web UI. If you’d want to do it manually, download the update from Plex and upload it to your NAS for installation.

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