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Running Plex Media Server and spotted a new update notification? Chances are, your installation wants to upgrade to version What’s new in this version and is it worth upgrading? I’d always recommend installing the latest version of Plex to ensure you’re running with the latest patches and security fixes, just like any software. Here’s all you need to know about Plex Media Server

What’s new in Plex Media Server

This is a sizeable release for the team and includes numerous fixes for different parts of the Plex Media Server package.

  • (Agents) Some attributes were missing from legacy agent api responses (#14436)
  • (Analysis) MP4 Atom Parsing could fill logs (#14418)
  • (Automatic Scanning) Symbolic links with missing targets could cause changes to later entries in a directory not to be detected (#14398)
  • (DVR) Could not record a show if a show with the same name (such as a remake) and episode number already existed in the target library (#13444)
  • (DVR) Devices could fail to be recognized when IP addresses change (#13529)
  • (DVR) Multi-lineup DVRs could be created as single-lineups (#14395)
  • (DVR) Tuning in channels could fail for channel names containing special characters (#14391)
  • (Debian) Remove GPG lower version limit
  • (Filters) Filtering on dates before/after 1970-01-01 would result in an error (#14511)
  • (Library) Some of the hubs on preplay screens may not load (#14562)
  • (Mac) Transcoder crashes would cause PMS to exit (#14414)
  • (Music) Scanning music could be pathologically slow in some cases (#14389)
  • (Music) Searches for lyrics could be run unnecessarily (#14513)
  • (Playlist) Adding a Clip to a playlist would unexpectedly convert it to a photo playlist (#14381)
  • (Thumbnails) Certain JPEG images caused PMS to exhibit unexpected behavior when generating thumbnails (#14407)
  • (Transcoder) An incorrect fallback font could be used when burning subtitles in some cases (#14357)
  • (Transcoder) Certain newer AMD GPU models couldn’t be used for hardware transcoding on Linux (#14416)
  • (Transcoder) Unexpected behavior when subtitles ended before the end of video (#14426)
  • FreeBSD builds would crash on start-up (#14499)
  • (Transcoding) Some HW encoded video would not play on Android (#14384)
  • (Transcoding) Hardware transcoding failed on linux machines (#14553)

How to install this Plex Media Server update

Package Manager DSM 7
Plex in Package Manager DSM 7. (Source: NAS Master)

Installing the latest version of Plex Media Server couldn’t be easier. Should you be running the software on the best NAS for Plex, all you need to do is run the update process using the enclosure’s web UI. If you want to do it manually, download the update from Plex and upload it to your NAS for installation.

We’ve written some guides on how to install and update Plex Media Server for specific NAS brands:

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