Plex will now let you watch content through Netflix and more

Plex today announced some new features that are rolling out across the online streaming platform. Traditionally, Plex has been used to catalogue and stream owned media, as well as some free movies and shows from partners, but now the company wants to become your number one stop for all media.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Netflix only to not find anything and do precisely the same on Amazon Prime Video and other streaming apps? Of course, you have as we’ve all been there! Plex is looking to change this by including support for displaying and linking content from other services.

Even if you’re not running a Plex Media Server (using the best NAS for Plex), you’ll now be able to use Plex as a sort of media version of Google in searching various connected streaming platforms to find content. It’s now possible to search for movies and shows without hopping between apps.

The two new Plex features that make this possible are Discover and Universal Watchlist. The former acts as the bridge between Netflix and other popular video streaming services, allowing you to search content across them all. Universal Watchlist is precisely as it sounds; a centralised location for storing everything you want to watch.

Should you come across a show or movie you like the look of but it’s not currently available on any of the streaming subscriptions you pay for, Plex will keep tabs on it and notify you should it become available. This is great for adding lots of media and viewing it at a later date should it be loaded onto Netflix.

If you’ve never used Plex before but enjoy streaming media through Netflix and other services, I’d recommend giving it a try, especially if you have purchased movies and/or shows. It’s an incredibly powerful tool for curating all your media to discover stuff you’ve yet to watch and enjoy.

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