Privacy Policy

Last updated: 28/03/2022

Welcome to NAS Master! Use of this website, including associated services and platforms, is subject to some terms and conditions. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the collection and use of specific data to help improve the user experience.

The Editor-in-Chief and responsible person for all data collected through the NAS Master website is Richard Edmonds. I can be contacted using the contact form.

Data collected

Data is anonymously collected during your visit to NAS Master. Identifiable data is only requested should you wish to leave a comment on an article. The same goes for the contact form, which requires the aforementioned data for me to respond to your message.


Everyone knows what a cookie is now that every website needs to alert visitors to the use of this technology. If you’re unfamiliar, cookies are small files filled with data to help improve the user experience or include information used on external platforms.

You can clear set cookies through your browser settings.

Third parties

As well as on-site data collection (cookies, comments), I use third party services that you can find listed below:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is utilized to build a profile of visitors to NAS Master. I use this data to improve the experience of the website, as well as target new markets to grow the audience. No identifiable data is used. I recommend reading through Google’s policies for more information.


Instead of advertisements, affiliate links are used for products listed on Amazon and other retailers. Should you click on a link here at NAS Master and purchase a product on Amazon, I may receive a small commission. Recommendations are not influenced by this means of revenue generation.

Data protection

I store all collected data through NAS Master on a secured server environment. While I cannot guarantee the safety of all data collected, including through third parties, I will do my utmost to safeguard any identifiable information. I will never loan or sell your data to anyone and any information will only be disclosed if required to do so by law.