QNAP announces new half-width rackmount managed switch




QNAP announced and launched a new half-width rackmount QSW-M2106PR-2S2T managed switch. It’s quite the networking machine with a 310W PoE capacity, support for up to 10Gb (RJ45 and SFP+) connections, and a more compact form factor. Existing network infrastructure can be incorporated, as well as upgrades down the line.

This networking switch provides Layer 2 capabilities as well as intelligent PoE management through a user-friendly and well-designed UI. If you’re seeking an SMB network solution, this could be the device to deploy for remote central management.

In terms of specifications, the QNAP QSW-M2106PR-2S2T has 10 ports, two of which are 10Gb connections and a further six are 2.5Gb. All eight are capable of delivering up to 90W to connected PoE devices. Finally, two 10Gb SFP+ fiber links are available.

The QSW-M2106PR-2S2T is available with the QNAP Switch System (QSS) and features intelligent PoE management, including scheduling, power supply prioritization, and power manipulation. As with other managed networking, it’s possible to configure the switch through a web admin interface where functions such as LACP, VLAN, QoS, and IGMP Snooping are available.

The total PoE capacity for the switch is 310W, so you can’t draw the full 90W through each of the eight PoE-supporting ports. With a maximum throughput of 110Gbps, plenty of devices and other hubs can be hooked up to the QNAP QSW-M2106PR-2S2T before any bottlenecks appear.

And because we’re only talking about half-width design, you could install two of these network switches (or one with another of the same size) in place of a single 1U server. A single 1U rack could offer up to 620W of power for PoE hardware.

This could easily be considered one of the best network switches for NAS when used with other QNAP hardware. It has countless ports, most that support PoE, and the backend systems that help you get more done across the network.

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