QNAP changed its QVR Pro surveillance license policy

QNAP has announced changes to its license policy for the QVR Pro surveillance system. The QVR Pro service is ideal for those with supported NAS who wish to create a connected security system. With the latest changes, QVR Pro licenses can now be migrated to another QNAP device for greater flexibility.

The best NAS can be used for creating a home or office-based security solution. As well as allowing for the transference of licenses between NAS, QNAP also announced a price increase for QVR Pro Gold to “assist with future development of services.” This will all take effect from November 21, 2022.

Licenses purchased from QNAP or distributors can be migrated between QNAP NAS and QVP NVRs as follows:

  • QVR Pro with 1 additional channel.
  • QVR Pro with 4 additional channels.
  • QVR Pro with 8 additional channels.
  • QVR Pro Gold with 8 additional channels and unlimited playback.
  • QVR Pro Unlimited Playback.

It’s worth noting that embedded licenses included with NAS and QVP for free cannot be migrated. There are also some limitations of license migration that are worth bearing in mind. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • If the license is already activated on a NAS, the license should be deactivated (online or offline from the License Manager or License Center) before migrating to another NAS or QVP device.
  • Licenses registered to a QNAP account are automatically converted to transferable licenses. 
  • Licenses purchased from physical license packs are also transferable.
  • The QVR Pro Gold license cannot be applied to QVP servers. Other restrictions follow the original limitations of each license.

More information on these policy changes, as well as a guide on migrating these licenses can be found on the QNAP website.

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