QNAP launches quad-port external SATA NAS PCIe expansion card

Expand your NAS with even more capacity.

QNAP announced the new QXP-1600eS-A1164 quad-port external SATA expansion card for NAS. Specifically designed with the QNAP TL series SATA JBOD in mind, this PCIe expansion card is compatible with QNAP NAS, Windows, Ubuntu, and servers with an available PCIe slot.

It’s a driverless expansion card, meaning you won’t require any drivers to make use of the four SATA channels and hook up external enclosures. You can use it with a compatible QNAP NAS or even a desktop PC for expanding the storage capacity without needing to install hard drives inside the chassis.

When using a QNAP NAS, various settings, including RAID parameters and creating a storage pool can be achieved using the Storage and Snapshots app. For PCs, QNAP has a JBOD Manager utility that can check the health, fan status and update the firmware.

Each SATA port can be connected to up to four drives, making this quite the expansion hub. QNAP already bundles the QXP-1600eS-A1164 expansion card with the 16-bay desktop TL-D1600S and 12-bay rackmount TL-R1200S-RP SATA JBOD servers.

Connecting one of these bad boys to the best NAS on the supported list could seriously transform your storage solution. QNAP has a list of supported hardware and you will need 6Gb/s cables to make the most of the available bandwidth.

QNAP QXP-1600eS-A1164

Connect countless more drives to your storage pool to expand the available capacity.

By Richard Edmonds

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