QNAP Qsirch 5.4.0 beta

QNAP opens up the Qsirch 5.4.0 beta with powerful AI-driven semantic search


QNAP announced the Qsirch 5.4.0 beta program to allow owners of QNAP NAS enclosures to try out some advanced AI-powered search features. QNAP will now offer an easier file search experience with AI-driven Semantic Search for images and previewing documents. Here’s everything you need to know about Qsirch and how to join the beta.

What is QNAP Qsirch?

Qsirch, as the quirky name implies, is a powerful search engine designed for QNAP NAS enclosures. It’s built to aid users in finding files from vast data pools. With higher capacities being loaded onto NAS enclosures, features such as this make it quicker to locate the files you require. Keyword search is supported as standard, but Qsirch goes further.

Full-text search can be used for files, images, videos, PDF documents, and emails. Then there’s a new semantic search to use natural language in precisely locating images. If you’ve ever used search queries and found it a pain to get to where you need to be, QNAP’s Qsirch is a helping hand to overcome the obstacle of basic queries.

What’s new in Qsirch 5.4.0?

  • AI-driven Semantic Search
    Use more intuitive, semantic search queries (23 languages supported) to narrow down search results and achieve precise image search results. Users can also explore similar images by searching through images in the search results.
  • Quick View of Documents
    After searching for the desired documents or files, users can quickly preview content in preview pane, view keyword-relevant paragraphs, or preview a few relevant sentences related to the file subject through an intuitive GUI.

How to join the Qsirch 5.4.0 beta

Front of the QNAP TS-253E. (Source: NM)

To be eligible for the Qsirch beta, you’ll need a QNAP NAS with a 64-bit processor, at least 8 GB of RAM, and running QTS 5.0.1/QuTS hero h5.0.1 or later. QNAP AI Core must also be installed through the App Center. Once set, head to the official QNAP website and join the beta program.

  1. Log in to your QNAP NAS.
  2. Open App Center.
  3. Install QNAP AI Core 3.4.0.
  4. Download and install the Qsirch 5.4.0 Beta from the QNAP website.
  5. Open Qsirch.

You’re now using Qsirch 5.4.0 and must index data before using it. QNAP will provide a means for you to provide feedback during the beta program. The Qsirch 5.4.0 beta will run until May 30, 2024.

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