QNAP releases QTS 5.1.0

QTS is the operating system that powers QNAP’s catalog of NAS enclosures and the company just rolled out QTS 5.1.0, which brings with it support for SMB multichannel, delegated administration, File Station updates, NAS monitoring in AMIZ Cloud Management Platform, and more.

What’s new in QTS 5.1.0

Here are some of the highlights we QTS 5.1.0 (as covered in the QTS 5.1.0 beta):

  • File Station improved file management and searching
  • SMB multichannel for full throughput and multi-path protection
  • Support for AES-128-GMAC for SMB signing acceleration
  • QNAP Authenticator for password-less login
  • Delegate administrator roles to improve management productivity and data security
  • Automatic RAID disk replacement with spares before potential failure
  • Improved drive health analysis and failure prediction
  • Monitor and manage multiple NAS using AMIZ Cloud management platform
  • Support for Hailo-8 M.2 AI modules

How to install this QTS update

If you’re ready to install the latest release of QTS on your QNAP NAS, simply visit the control panel on your enclosure to check if an available update is ready for download. Should it not be available, you can try your luck with the manual method, here’s how to go about it:

  1. Go to QNAP’s official website.
  2. Select your NAS from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on one of the download links for QTS 5.1.
  4. Go to Control Panel > System > Firmware Update > Firmware Update.
  5. Click Browse.
  6. Select the downloaded QTS 5.1 OS update file.
  7. Click Update System.
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