Seagate and Phison tease upcoming enterprise NVMe SSDs

Yet more enterprise SSDs are on the way.

Seagate is responsible for some of the best storage drives on the market, especially for network-attached storage (NAS), and the company is looking to expand its portfolio of enterprise SSDs. Already working closely with Phison for its FireCuda and other SSD ranges, the company jointly teased upcoming new enterprise-grade solid-state storage.

The announcement states that both companies will be working hard to help big businesses reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) through increasing flash-based storage capacity. Even consumers have to pay a small fortune for SSDs and it’s no different for enterprises who require even more headroom for storage.

This partnership will focus on the demand for higher density, faster, and smarter storage infrastructure to complement established HDD storage. This would be particularly helpful in forming volumes at a data centre scale, taking into account artificial intelligence. Reliable storage is incredibly important, especially for sensitive data.

Sebastien Jean, CTO of Phison Electronics, commented on the announcement. “Phison is proud to partner with Seagate to expand our enterprise SSD product line. Our leading in-house ASIC technology, coupled with engineering excellence, complements Seagate’s deep industry knowledge. […] Together, we will deliver winning solutions for a wide range of applications including Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Storage, and 5G edge computing.”

These new drives will be optimized for specific workloads, as expected for enterprise deployment. They’ll also be designed to work in tougher environments with more advanced use cases. It’s expected Seagate will have more to share on these new enterprise drives in the summer of 2022. Looking for NAS storage? I’ve got you covered with an in-depth guide for the best NAS drives.

By Richard Edmonds

Richard has been covering the technology industry for more than a decade. He has spent more time tinkering inside a PC chassis than anywhere else, for better or worse.

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