Synology announces new SA3610 and SA3410 NAS for big scale data

Synology just outed two serious rackmount NAS with high scalability.

Synology has rolled out the carpet for two new NAS. The SA3610 and SA3410 are designed with high scalability in mind. The lowest number of drives available is 12 for each rackmount NAS, allowing businesses to scale up to 96 drive bays for a grand total of 1.7PB (that’s 1,700GB!) of storage space.

So, what can these NAS be used for? Using either the SA3610 or SA3410 from Synology would allow for the creation of a powerful central backup, surveillance, and file server. Couple this hardware with Synology’s extensive cloud platform and you’ve got one complete storage package. The brand is responsible for some of the best NAS available.

CPUIntel Xeon D-1567
(12-core, 2.7 GHz)
Intel Xeon D-1541
(8-core, 2.7 GHz)
(max 128 GB)
16 GB DDR4
(max 128 GB)
Storage12x SSD/HDD12x SSD/HDD
Expansion2x PCIe 3.0 x8
7x RX1222sas
2x PCIe 3.0 x8
7x RX1222sas
Cooling4x 80 mm4x 80 mm
Ports2x 10GbE
5x 1GbE
2x USB 3.2 Gen 1
1x Expansion port (Mini-SAS HD)
2x 10GbE
5x 1GbE
2x USB 3.2 Gen 1
1x Expansion port (Mini-SAS HD)
Power~137 W~136 W
Dimensions88 mm x 482 mm x 724 mm88 mm x 482 mm x 724 mm
Weight14.5 kg14.5 kg

These two rackmount NAS are capable of handling speeds of up to 6,200 and 3,000 MB/s for sequential read and write. There’s support for up to 40GbE connections with two 10GbE native and ready to go after unboxing. The dedicated out-of-band (OOB) management port is ideal for remotely monitoring and configuring the NAS.

Synology’s Active Insight is helpful to reduce administrative overhead and various other smart features included in the company’s DSM OS ensure you’ll be able to maximise availability and redundancy. Local snapshots can help protect data against ransomware threats, which are becoming more popular.

The Synology SA3610 and SA3410 are available diskless from $8,176 and $6,544, respectively.

Synology SA3610

Synology SA3610
Synology SA3610. (Source: Synology)

Powered by a beefier Intel Xeon processor, the Synology SA3610 takes everything up a notch and is able to handle considerably more traffic and heavier application deployment.

Synology SA3410

Synology SA3410
Synology SA3410. (Source: Synology)

There’s plenty to like about the Synology SA3410, including its 12 drive bays, support for up to 96 bays via expansion units, an Intel Xeon CPU, up to 128GB DDR4 RAM, and DSM OS.

By Richard Edmonds

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