Synology launches a new range of scalable servers with the HD6500



Synology just created a new family of servers. The HD series is designed for use with super-sized storage requirements. And by super-sized, I mean this Synology HD6500, which the company is launching first, is capable of holding up to 960TB per chassis, thanks to the colossal 60-drive bay array.

The Synology HD6500 is a 4U rackmount server, which allows for the 60 drives to be installed for almost one petabyte (PB) of capacity. Synology isn’t stopping there, however. The company has made it possible to pair this beast with up to four additional RX6022sas 60-bay expansion units. That equates to more than 4PB (4,000TB), making it the best NAS for storage capacity.

It wouldn’t be useful to store that amount of data and not have the means to move it. The HD6500 is capable of delivering more than 6,688MB/s and 6,662MB/s in sequential read and write, respectively. According to data provided by Synology, this unit is going to be ideal for data centres, studios, video surveillance, and enterprise use.

Synology designed the HD6500 to take full advantage of the Synology HAS5300 SAS hard drives. The firmware, controllers, and software for the server have been optimized to work better with these storage drives, though results have yet to be shared. Other highlight features of the Synology HD6500 include redundant power supplies, SAS multipathing support, and dual independent system drives.

Reliability is key with such a device and it’s good to see Synology take it seriously by offering such features. For connectivity, two 10Gb LAN ports are located next to three 1Gb ports, but you can expand up to 10 additional 10Gb/25Gb connections, depending on bandwidth requirements.

The Synology HD6500 is available now through Synology partners for $17,000.

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