Synology launches RT6600ax router with major update to SRM OS


Synology has launched the RT6600ax router, a new high-speed networking hub that rocks an impressive set of features. If all you’ve been exposed to so far are ISP-supplied routers, you’re going to be in for a treat with the Synology RT6600ax. With a huge boost in portable device use, upgrading your home network equipment is a good investment to keep the household happy.

The RT6600ax is actually Synology’s first Wi-Fi6-certified router, delivering better wireless connectivity, thanks to better data encoding, beamforming, scheduling, and signal isolation. Then there’s a 2.5Gb LAN port and a quad-core 1.8GHz processor to handle all traffic that passes through the Synology RT6600ax.

Utilizing tri-band technology and its own Smart Connect feature, Synology has worked to effectively eliminate transmission bottlenecks. There’s also full support for the new 5.9GHz spectrum, unlocking non-DFS channels at 80 and 160 MHz for a combined 6.6Gbps of wireless throughput.

Powering all of this is Synology Router Manager (SRM) 1.3, the latest version of this router-specific operating system. The company is renowned for its excellent NAS OS and SRM is just as good in the router world. To keep everyone safe, Synology’s latest web filtering, traffic control, and remote access tools are available.

And you won’t need to connect through your PC every time you wish to make changes on the router. There has been a substantial overhaul of the SRM mobile app, allowing router owners to check data and make changes while on the move. Pairing up the RT6600ax with one of the best Synology NAS would make for an awesome experience.

The new Synology RT6600ax is available immediately in the U.S, but there’s currently no word on pricing. SRM 1.3 is available on this router alone for now, though Synology expects a push later this year to see it rolled out for MR2200ac and RT2600ac owners.

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