Synology launches two-bay DVA1622 DVR with deep learning tech



Synology has announced the new DVA1622 network video recorder (NVR) with deep learning technology. Usually reserved for DVRs designed for businesses, the company is bringing the technology to the home. The new two-bay DVR supports up to 16 cameras with HDMI output, negating the need for a separate PC to monitor everything.

Deep learning video analytics enhances security by identifying specific threats as configured. This reduces the effort of securing premises by providing more accurate and filtered alerts. It’ll only notify of events as set to avoid unnecessary bloat on the system, which is handy being a two-bay NAS even with the best NAS drives.

As opposed to using simple surveillance, DVA allows the creation of an active threat detection solution that warns when a suspicious activity has been detected. More rudimentary motion detection systems often provide numerous false notifications on activities that aren’t actually suspicious.

The Synology DVA1622 comes packing Surveillance Station 9.0, which offers the very best in video management from the company. There’s support for more than 8,000 camera models, including audio systems, door controllers, and other I/O modules for a truly connected smart security solution.

And don’t fear redundancy with regards to reconding as Synology offers its C2 Surveillance platform for simultaneous recording. Even the destruction of the recording server won’t stop you from accessing saved footage. And more DVA1622 DVRs can be configured together with Synology’s Centralized Management System (CMS).

For specifications, we’re looking at two drive bays, 6GB of DDR4 RAM, a single HDMI port, two USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 ports, and a single 1Gb LAN connection. It costs $600 and is available now.

Synology DVA1622
Synology DVA1622 (Source: Synology)

Synology DVA1622

Synology DVA1622 is a new two-bay recorder from Synology that supports up to 16 cameras, cloud platform recording, and more.

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