TerraMaster D4-300

TerraMaster D4-300 review: Affordable direct-attached storage



Not only do I review network-attached storage (NAS) on NAS Master, but also direct-attached storage (DAS). DAS differs in that you don’t connect to the enclosure via the network, but instead use a direct link through USB or Thunderbolt. This makes a DAS great for quick storage on a single device and today I’m looking at the TerraMaster D4-300.

This DAS from TerraMaster supports up to 72TB of capacity, thanks to the four drive bays. That’s about it for a DAS, which makes them a little boring compared to NAS counterparts. You won’t be installing Plex or some other services on this unit, but it will happily store all your important data for quick and convenient local access.

TerraMaster D4-300
TerraMaster D4-300. (Source: TerraMAster)

TerraMaster D4-300

Some people just don’t need a NAS, which is where DAS comes into play. The D4-300 is a brilliant little affordable unit with four drive bays for a capacity of up to 72TB.

  • Great value
  • Four drive bays
  • Excellent for file storage
  • No drivers required
  • Requires power outlet
  • No Thunderbolt

Price and availability

TerraMaster D4-300
TerraMaster D4-300. (Source: NAS Master)

The TerraMaster D4-300 is an affordable DAS, rocking four drive bays and a single USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 connection. It’s not riddled with high-end features, but you shouldn’t expect as much from a unit in this price range. You can find the D4-300 listed online for around $170.

TerraMaster D4-300: What you’ll love

TerraMaster D4-300
TerraMaster D4-300. (Source: NAS Master)

The TerraMaster D4-300 looks more premium than it is.

The TerraMaster D4-300 looks more premium than it is, thanks to the all-metal design. You’ll find this same look across TerraMaster’s entire range of DAS and best NAS, even its most affordable models. Interestingly, you’d find it hard to tell this DAS from a TerraMaster F4-210 as they both share the same basic outer shell.

The dimensions are roughly identical too. TerraMaster essentially took the F4-210, took out the Intel processor, stripped it of all its NAS inners, and cut the price down to make it more appealing to those seeking DAS. It’s a great move since you won’t be left out on what makes a TerraMaster NAS enclosure good, to begin with.

SpecificationTerraMaster D4-300
Drive bays4
Cooling2x 80mm
Ports1x Rear USB-C 3.1 Gen 1
Power draw~ 45.6W
Dimensions227 x 225 x 136 mm
Weight2.1 kg

As the specifications above showcase, you can install up to four drives inside the D4-300, resulting in a maximum capacity of 72TB. To help keep these drives cool under load are two 80mm fans located on the rear of the enclosure. The single USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 port is also found here, allowing TerraMaster to keep the sides of the DAS clean.

Because this is direct-attached storage, you won’t be able to do anything else other than store files on the D4-300. Compared to the aforementioned F4-210, this is a substantial lack of functionality, but it also helps to keep storage simple should you not require any of those more advanced (and connected) features.

Using 2TB Seagate IronWolf and 4TB Western Digital drives (in separate RAID configurations), I was able to enjoy decent transfer speeds that weren’t far off the advertised speeds from the manufacturers As with NAS, it’s always worth bearing in mind RAID if you plan on throwing in data protection.

The fans were barely noticeable with the drives spinning and accessing the platters. It’s a handy little DAS that can quickly be connected to a PC or two to transfer data to and between. If all you require is a central location to keep data handy and accessible, this is a good place to start.

TerraMaster D4-300: What you’ll hate

TerraMaster D4-300
TerraMaster D4-300. (Source: NAS Master)

There’s nothing that I disliked about the TerraMaster D4-300. It performed as a DAS should with decent enough data transfer speeds. Where you’ll find this DAS a little limited is when working with larger files and SSDs, which can end up showing the USB 3.1 port as a bottleneck.

A Thunderbolt port would be ideal, but I understand that’s reserved for the video editing DAS series from TerraMaster.

TerraMaster D4-300: Competition

TerraMaster D4-300
TerraMaster D4-300. (Source: NAS Master)

There aren’t as many DAS models as NAS, but that’s because you can’t really offer much that differs from other enclosures aside from the number of drive bays, connectivity, and price. Synology doesn’t offer any DAS models outright, though one can technically utilize a NAS enclosure as a DAS by setting a static local IP address.

TerraMaster offers other DAS models that come with different drive bay configurations. For video editors, you’ll want to consider the TerraMaster D5 Thunderbolt 3, which comes with a Thunderbolt port (as the name implies).

Should you buy this DAS?

TerraMaster D4-300
TerraMaster D4-300. (Source: NAS Master)

Who should buy this?

  • If you want an affordable DAS.
  • If you need a DAS with four drive bays.
  • If you only require HDD data transfer speeds.
  • If you want to backup devices and media.

Who shouldn’t buy this?

  • If you want to sdo anything other than store data.
  • If you have more than 72TB of data to store.
  • If you want a NAS.

I’m a massive fan of TerraMaster’s design for its NAS and DAS enclosures. The all-metal look and feel go a long way to make the servers appear more expensive than they really are. The TerraMaster D4-300 is no different and offers great functionality for local storage that requires a single USB port.

It may be a little limiting for larger files and faster SSDs, but for mechanical drives, you’ll have a great time transferring data to and from this handy little unit. It’s also incredibly affordable, allowing you to set up a four-bay storage solution for less than $200, excluding hard drives.

TerraMaster D4-300
TerraMaster D4-300. (Source: TerraMAster)

TerraMaster D4-300

TerraMaster’s D4-300 is an affordable four-bay DAS that can quickly be attached to a PC to transfer large files.

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