TerraMaster F4-423

TerraMaster F4-423 vs. Synology DiskStation DS923+: Which NAS is best?



A four-bay NAS enclosure can support up to 80TB of data capacity with four 20TB NAS drives. Synology and TerraMaster offer compelling four-bay enclosures and in this guide, we’ll be comparing the TerraMaster F4-423 vs. Synology DiskStation DS923+ for price, specifications, design, and performance to see which NAS is best.

TerraMaster F4-423

Better value NAS

TerraMaster F4-423
TerraMaster F4-423. (Source: TerraMaster)
  • More affordable
  • Intel CPU for 4K transcoding
  • Lower power draw
  • M.2 SSD slots
  • Weaker CPU
  • Rougher NAS OS
  • No expansion support
  • No PCI slot
  • Non-ECC memory only

TerraMaster makes some of the best value NAS on the market and the F4-423 is a brilliant enclosure for those who want the most bang for their buck. Rocking an Intel Celeron processor, M.2 slots, and 2.5GbE networking, this is one powerful NAS for running Plex and more.

Synology DiskStation DS923+

The best NAS OS

Synology DiskStation DS923+
Synology DiskStation DS923+. (Source: Synology)
  • More powerful AMD CPU
  • M.2 SSD slots
  • PCI slot for optional LAN upgrade
  • Expansion support
  • No integrated GPU
  • More expensive
  • Higher power draw

Synology’s DiskStation DS923+ is a NAS designed for enterprise and SOHO. The company switched to AMD processors and supports ECC RAM with full expansion support. It may lack a GPU but the networking can be upgraded to 10GbE.

The best NAS in terms of performance is the Synology DiskStation DS923+. It has the better AMD Ryzen processor, 4GB of DDR4 RAM with error checking, expansion support, and the ability to connect an external expansion unit. The TerraMaster F4-423 is the better enclosure for value and saving money. Either NAS will be great for the home and office.


The two enclosures are similar when it comes to specifications. The Intel Celeron and AMD Ryzen processors offer excellent performance for the price and with minimal power draw. In terms of raw performance figures, the AMD Ryzen R1600 inside the DiskStation DS923+ is the winner, but the F4-423’s Celeron N5095 isn’t too far behind.

Both NAS have 4 GB of DDR4 RAM though the DS923+ has ECC modules that check for data integrity. It’s possible to expand the RAM capacity up to 32 GB on the TerraMaster and Synology NAS. The four drive bays are complimented by two M.2 PCIe 3.0 slots for storage and data caching on the DS923+ and just the latter with the F4-423.

TerraMaster F4-423Synology DiskStation DS923+
CPUIntel Celeron N5095
(4-core, 2.9 GHz burst)
AMD Ryzen R1600
(2-core, 3.1 GHz burst)
RAM4 GB DDR4 (max 32 GB)4 GB DDR4 ECC (max 32 GB)
Drive bays4 SSD/HDD4 SSD/HDD
Capacity80 TB80 TB
Expansion support2x PCIe 3.0 M.21x DX517
1x PCIe 3.0 x2
2x PCIe 3.0 M.2
Cooling2x 80 mm fan2x 92 mm fan
Ports2x 2.5 GbE
2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 1
2x 1 GbE
2x USB-A 3.2 Gen 1
1x eSATA
Power draw~35.2 W~35.51 W
Dimensions227 x 225 x 136 mm166 x 199 x 223 mm
Weight3.6 kg2.24 kg

Synology offers a single PCI slot for the installation of a 10GbE adapter. This is a nice touch but the NAS only ships with 1GbE ports. The F4-423 comes with a dual 2.5GbE setup but there’s no option for upgrading. Synology’s five-bay DX517 expansion unit can be connected to the DiskStation DS923+ for a total of nine drive bays.

Two fans cool the internal components for the TerraMaster and Synology NAS and power draw is almost identical. As aforementioned, the DS923+ has beefier hardware and is the best NAS for those with more data to store.

Price and availability

The TerraMaster F4-423 is a full $100 more affordable than Synology’s enclosure. While the DiskStation DS923+ may have better hardware with expansion and ECC RAM support, TerraMaster offers better value at a more reasonable price for a home NAS.

The Synology DiskStation DS923+ costs $600 and is available now. If you’d like to save more for NAS drives, the TerraMaster F4-423 clocks in at $500.


TerraMaster F4-423
TerraMaster F4-423. (Source: NAS Master)

TerraMaster and Synology design their NAS differently. The F4-423 has an aluminum silver finish and looks unlike anything else in the NAS market. The DiskStation DS923+ resembles other Synology NAS with an all-black metal and plastic design. Access to the drive bays is available without removing a single panel on both enclosures.

Most ports are present on the rear of the two NAS alongside two cooling fans and the DC input from external power supplies. Synology provides easier access to the RAM module and M.2 storage slots. The former is available within the enclosure and the M.2 slots are located underneath the NAS.

TerraMaster requires the outer shell to be removed, which is held to the main chassis with four screws. The M.2 and RAM slots are located next to each other. Both NAS can take up to 32 GB of DDR4. The TOS and DSM operating systems are powerful software though Synology has a better cloud ecosystem to support it.


Synology DiskStation DS923+
Synology DiskStation DS923+. (Source: NM)

The performance of the Synology DiskStation DS923+ is excellent. Even without a GPU, the AMD Ryzen R1600 processor is perfect for running Plex, transcoding media, and storing lots of data with some more intensive apps running in the background. The TerraMaster F4-423 isn’t far behind with the Intel Celeron N5095.

We tried streaming 4K media on both NAS and managed to enjoy a stunning visual experience without stuttering, buffering, or any tearing. Both the Intel and AMD processors will easily handle transcoding to different resolutions and formats without breaking a sweat.

NAS enclosures are becoming more powerful to the point where most NAS will be able to run just about anything aside from virtualization and other intensive tasks. You won’t have any regrets and issues running TerraMaster TOS or Synology DSM operating systems.

TerraMaster F4-423 vs. Synology DiskStation DS923+

TerraMaster’s F4-423 is a brilliant NAS for home and the office. It’s powered by an Intel processor, has two M.2 SSD bays, can support up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, and can easily handle 4K transcoding through Plex Media Server. The OS is a little rough but it’s the better NAS in terms of value.

TerraMaster F4-423

TerraMaster F4-423
TerraMaster F4-423. (Source: TerraMaster)

TerraMaster’s F4-423 is a capable four-bay NAS with some serious specifications. Inside is an Intel CPU, upgradable RAM, M.2 storage, and a decent OS for installing a few popular apps.

If you don’t want to save money, go with the Synology DiskStation DS923+. This is the more powerful NAS with an AMD Ryzen R1600 processor, ECC system memory, and support for an expansion bay with five drive bays for a total of nine bays. The DSM NAS OS is the best in the business.

Synology DiskStation DS923+

Synology DiskStation DS923+
Synology DiskStation DS923+. (Source: Synology)

The Synology DiskStation DS923+ is the NAS to buy if you require additional performance and bandwidth. The processor has higher clock speeds, supports expansion units, and optional 10GbE.

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