TerraMaster D6-320

TerraMaster launches new 10Gb/s 6-bay D6-320 DAS

TerraMaster has announced its latest DAS in the form of the D6-320. This six-bay direct-attached storage enclosure allows the installation of up to six drives with a maximum capacity of more than 120TB. If you need somewhere to store a lot of data but don’t need the full NAS experience, the TerraMaster D6-320 may be what you’re looking for.

The DAS makes full use of a single USB-A 3.2 Gen2 port for up to 10Gb/s, which allows for some ridiculous transfer speeds when using flash storage. The best NAS drives with up to 22TB of capacity are supported for a total of 132TB for the entire enclosure. That’s more than enough storage space for most people at home and it handles everything with a power draw of up to 2W.

TerraMaster D6-320
PortsUSB-C 3.2 Gen2
File systemsNTFS
RAIDSingle disk
Capacity132 TB
(6x 22 TB)
Transfer speeds520 MB/s (HDD)
1,016 MB/s (SSD)
Dimensions226 x 130 x 218 mm
Weight3.4 kg
Fans2x 80 mm
Power~2 W

Although this DAS does offer some great specifications, it doesn’t support arrays and only works with individual disks. You’ll be able to connect it to a Mac, Windows, or Linux PC, and not require any drivers to be installed. Simply hook up the DAS to your PC using the included USB-C cable and you’re good to go.

TerraMaster made sure to enable hot-swapping for all six drive bays, allowing for the quick removal (or replacement) of drives without powering down the unit or severing the data connections. The two 80mm fans ensure that enough airflow passes through the enclosure without sounding like a jet engine.

The TerraMaster D6-320 is available today for $300.

TerraMaster D6-320

TerraMaster D6-320
TerraMaster D6-320. (Source: TerraMaster)

Store just about anything with the TerraMaster D6-320. This DAS has six drive bays and a speedy USB-C connection for rapid data transfers.

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