TerraMaster launches new 8-bay D8-332 DAS

TerraMaster has launched a new 8-bay direct-attached storage (DAS) device for those who want a central location to store a lot of data. Unlike NAS, DAS is used locally through the use of cables that directly connect to a PC or other device. The new TerraMaster D8-332 is professional RAID storage with a capacity of up to 160TB.

Because the D8-332 has support for Thunderbolt 3, this unit can be connected to up to five other D8-332 DAS enclosures for a colossal amount of capacity. The TerraMaster D8-332 is designed with professionals in mind, especially those who work with media. It’s a good alternative to the best NAS.

With a dedicated RAID controller and high-speed cache memory, the TerraMaster D8-332 is better suited to processing a lot of data thanks to a considerable amount of bandwidth. And speaking of bandwidth, this DAS is capable of utilizing the performance of two Thunderbolt 3 connections.

With both channels in use, the TerraMaster D8-332 can hit transfer speeds of up to 1,600MB/s. Should you require a new place to store everything, whether it’s personal data or sensitive work files, the D8-332 will be a good solution.

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