TerraMaster U8-450

TerraMaster launches new 8-bay U8-450 2U rackmount NAS



TerraMaster just outed a new 8-bay rackmount NAS server with some impressive specifications for the asking price. The TerraMaster U8-450 is a 2U rackmount box with dual 10GbE and 2.5GbE networking, an Intel Atom C3558R processor, M.2 NVMe SSD slots, and support for up to 176TB of storage capacity. If you’re serious about big data storage, this could be the NAS for your business needs.

The TerraMaster U8-450 has an Intel Atom C3558R inside the NAS, which has four physical cores that are capable of hitting speeds of up to 2.4GHz. This allows the chip to handle some more demanding tasks, which is something the U8-450 will provide with its eight 3.5-inch drive bays and two M.2 slots. (Check out our recommendations for the best NAS drives!)

To allow all this storage to work for simultaneous connections, TerraMaster added not just two 10GbE netwokring ports, but aslo an additional two 2.5GbE ports. Whether your network stack supports either speeds or you plan to upgrade further down the line, this TerraMaster NAS will be current for many years to come.

SpecificationTerraMaster U8-450
CPUIntel Atom C3558R
(4-core, 2.4 GHz)
(max 32 GB)
Storage8x SSD/HDD
2x M.2 SSD
Cooling2x 80 mm
Ports2x 10 GbE
2x 2.5 GbE
2x USB-A 3.1
1x Console
Power~68 W
Dimensions90 x 440 x 384 mm
Weight6.9 kg

Everything is cooled by two 80mm fans, which should help reduce noise compared to other rackmount servers with smaller fans (and more of them). So, who is this NAS designed for? TerraMaster had 4K video editing, virtualization, database, and other intensive applications in mind when developing the U8-450.

The 8GB of DDR4 RAM should be more than enough to begin with, but the company allows for it to be expanded up to a collossal 32GB, which is more than what many people have in their desktop PCs. The two M.2 slots can be used for SSD caching to give the NAS a considerable boost once all the RAM has been effectively used up.

Whether you plan on running resource-intensive applications such as Final Cut Pro or wish to fully utilizes Duple Backup or other protection measures, the TerraMaster U8-450 will have ample horsepower to get the job done. The company’s TRAID is on hand to provide an additional layer of protection for data stored on the NAS.

Ransomware and other viral attacks are seemingly rife within the NAS community and TerraMaster provides a Security Isolation Mode to help protect the system against malicious parties. Such features are almost required on a NAS like the U8-450 with its massive capacity support.

To enjoy all this, you’ll need to part with $1,300, which isn’t too bad when compared against competitor rackmount NAS servers. It definitely has potential to be one of the best NAS for those seeking an eight-bay 2U rackmount with an impressive networking stack.

TerraMaster U8-450

TerraMaster U8-450
TerraMaster U8-450. (Source: TerraMaster)

The TerraMaster U8-450 is an impressive piece of kit with a more affordable price tag compared to some other 2U storage solutions. It has an Intel CPU, 10GbE networking, M.2 SSD support, and some advanced security measures in place.

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