TerraMaster launches new professional six-bay T6-423 Intel NAS



I’ve said 2022 is the year for TerraMaster and the company isn’t slowing down anytime soon. We’ve just caught wind that the TerraMaster T6-423 has launched with six drive bays, some beefy Intel processors, and 2.5Gb networking. As well as this new NAS enclosure, TerraMaster also rolled out the official TOS 5.0 update.

This enclosure follows the likes of the TerraMaster F4-423, which I reviewed as one of the best NAS you can buy right now, especially if you’re wanting to set up a Plex Media Server. But sometimes four bays just aren’t enough, which is where TerraMaster’s T-series comes into play. The TerraMaster T6-423 is an absolute unit.

The new NAS is a cost-effective storage solution for small to medium-sized businesses. While you could go for a rackmount server and buy a server case to store all your data, units such as the TerraMaster T6-423 make it easier to get up and running in no time at all.

TerraMaster packed inside this enclosure the Intel N5105/N095 processor that can hit 2.9GHz when boosting or 2.0GHz when not much demand is present. It’s equipped with 4GB of DDR4 RAM out the box, but you can increase this to a whopping 32GB (consisting of two 16GB modules).

If all that wasn’t enough already, TerraMaster threw in an M.2 slot for good measure, allowing for the installation of an NVMe SSD for flash caching to improve performance. Lastly, we’ve got not one, but two 2.5Gb LAN interfaces with link aggregation support.

Designed with business users in mind, it’s possible to deploy the TerraMaster T6-423 in the home for a busy household or for building an impressive streaming hub. Not bad for $700. It’s available now at participating retail partners.

TerraMaster T6-423

TerraMaster’s latest NAS is a six-bay tower enclosure with an Intel CPU, expandable RAM, M.2 slot, and 2.5Gb networking. It’s a beast!

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