TerraMaster launches partner program and 9 new NAS enclosures

2022 is the year for TerraMaster it seems with the company launching its new partner program and a total of nine NAS enclosures so far. The program is designed to introduce deals for NAS and DAS partners, as well as VARs, system integrators, and IT solution providers. The nine professional-grade NAS is for everyone else.

What is the TerraMaster Partner program?

Many companies offer partner programs for frequent buyers and businesses to unlock deals and promotions to entice those to stick to branded products. TerraMaster’s program is no different, allowing the company to facilitate training on the best TerraMaster NAS, as well as the TOS operating system and other services.

TerraMaster will be using six tiers to differentiate partners. These will be formed of authorized distributors, authorized resellers, system integrators, offline retailers, online stores, and service providers/industry consultants.

New TerraMaster NAS for 2022

Since the company launched its new partner program, it only made sense there would be some new TerraMaster NAS enclosures and that’s precisely what TerraMaster brought to market. The company launched nine new NAS products in the TX-423, FX-423, UX-423, and DX-Thunderbolt 3 series.

Up first is the TX-423 series, which includes the 6-bay T6-423, 9-bay T9-423, and 12-bay T12-423. These are compact enclosures with super-fast 2.5Gb networking. Next up are the F4-423 and F2-423, designed for home and office use with powerful internal components. We reviewed the TerraMaster F4-423 favourably.

Then there’s the UX-423 series that are in rackmount form factors for business and data center use. These come in the form of the 4-bay U4-423 and 8-bay U8-423. Lastly, TerraMaster also launched new DX-Thunderbolt 3 series DAS. The 8-bay D8-423 and 16-bay D16-423 are perfect for those on the move.

The new NAS and DAS are already available for purchase and more details on the new TerraMaster partner program can be found on the official website.

TerraMaster D4-300

TerraMaster F4-423

TerraMaster’s F4-423 NAS enclosure is incredibly powerful for home use. Whether you plan to host a website, save surveillance footage, stream media, or all of the above, the F4-423 will handle it without issue.

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