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TerraMaster (re)launches comprehensive NAS backup protection



TerraMaster announced two new initiatives to support those looking to use a branded NAS for backing up data and keeping it safe. Whether you’re using a TerraMaster NAS at home or at an office, Centralized Backup and Duple Backup offered by TerraMaster will be useful for shielding your NAS against data loss.

These two features in TOS 5.0 are essentially older tech further developed by TerraMaster with a more user-friendly user experience. We’re going to cover what both do right here in this guide to ensure you’re aware of the available features within the operating system and to protect yourself from losing anything important.

TerraMaster Centralized Backup

TerraMaster Centralized Backup
TerraMaster Centralized Backup. (Source: TerraMaster)

We’ll start with TerraMaster Centralized Backup, a centralized solution to improve efficiency for multiple backup sources. Centralized Backup can facilitate the saving of data from different device types, as well as support more than a hundred devices for big data applications and larger businesses with a single TerraMaster NAS.

The best part of Centralized Backup is the ability to automate the configuration of each client system. IT administrators wouldn’t be required to set up each device for it to be backed up to the TerraMaster NAS. TOS would be able to initiate the process. The process of setting up new clients and managing existing connections is all carried out through a single interface.

TerraMaster Duple Backup

TerraMaster Duple Backup
TerraMaster Duple Backup. (Source: TerraMaster)

TerraMaster Duple Backup is next up and is a disaster recovery tool. It’s designed to enhance the data security of TerraMaster NAS running TOS. It allows important designated folders or iSCSI LUNs to be backed up to multiple destinations, including a remote TerraMaster NAS. Duple Backup is also handy for incremental and multi-version backups.

Using Duple Backup will allow for easier data recovery in case of a system failure, something even RAID may not be able to recover from. UJp to four destinations can be selected for data in TerraMaster TOS. These can include other TerraMaster NAS, a file server, WebDAV server, or cloud-connected storage.

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