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TerraMaster releases TOS 5.1.24 update for NAS



TOS is what powers TerraMaster NAS enclosures and version 5.1.24 has been released with a few fixes and optimizations. With TOS 5.1, the TerraMaster team has been attempting to perfect its OS to match the competition. Here’s everything you need to know and how to install the OS update on your TerraMaster NAS.

What’s new in TerraMaster TOS 5.1.24?


  • Fixed some issues of storage pool.
  • Fixed some issues of system log.
  • Fixed some issues of hardware and power.
  • Optimized some Settings of network services.
  • Optimized some Settings of app center.
  • Optimized some Settings of file managemer.

This update for TerraMaster TOS can be installed on the best TerraMaster NAS, as well as the following enclosures: F2-220, F2-420, F4-220, F4-420, F5-420, F2-221, F2-421, F2-422, F4-221, F4-421, F4-422, F5-221, F5-225, F5-421, F5-422, F8-421, F8-422, F2-423, F4-423, T6-423, T9-423, T12-423, and T9-450.

How to install this TOS update

Because it’s relatively small in size, you can ensure your best NAS is up-to-date in a few moments. Remember: this update is for x86 (Intel) TerraMaster NAS only. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to TOS > Control Panel > General settings > Software update.
  2. Check the option Online update.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Follow the update wizard to finish the update.

You can also install the latest version of TOS manually if you don’t have net access on the TerraMaster NAS at this very second:

  1. Download the update from the TerraMaster website.
  2. Go to TOS> Control Panel> General Settings> Update & Restore.
  3. Click Manual Update.
  4. Click Browse and choose the downloaded update file.
  5. Click Apply.
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