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TerraMaster releases TOS 5.1.37 update for NAS

TerraMaster has rolled out a new operating system update for its NAS enclosures. It’s important to ensure your NAS is running the latest version of not only the OS but also all apps and services installed on the drives. Here’s all you need to know about what’s new in TOS 5.1.37 as well as how to go about installing it on your TerraMaster NAS.

What’s new in TerraMaster TOS 5.1.19?


  • Fixed the bug that the transmission speed of encrypted shared folders was slow;
  • Fixed the bug that some computers could not search for TNAS when directly connected to the computer;
  • Fixed the bug that the storage quota displayed in the user settings was incorrect;
  • Fixed the bug that had a chance files in some system partitions were incomplete;
  • Fixed the bug that the empty directory can still be seen after the guest user is disabled;
  • Fixed the bug that the key cannot be exported when the encrypted shared folder key contains special characters;
  • Fixed the bug that had a chance to send the same email repeatedly;
  • Fixed the bug that the guest user does not have read and write permissions by default;
  • Fixed the bug that the 450 series fan control did not work properly;
  • Fixed the bug that the app center page loads slowly;
  • Changed SMB workgroup to WORKGROUP;
  • Changed the working mode of the Intel(R) J3355/J3455 CPU to Performance mode.

How to install this TOS update

Because it’s relatively small in size, you can ensure your best TerraMaster NAS is up-to-date in a few moments. Remember: this update is for x86 (Intel) TerraMaster NAS only. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to TOS > Control Panel > General settings > Software update.
  2. Check the option Online update.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Follow the update wizard to finish the update.

You can also install the latest version of TOS manually if you don’t have net access on the TerraMaster NAS at this very second:

  1. Download the update from the TerraMaster website.
  2. Go to TOS> Control Panel> General Settings> Update & Restore.
  3. Click Manual Update.
  4. Click Browse and choose the downloaded update file.
  5. Click Apply.
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