TerraMaster TOS 5 OS update beta starts in March



TerraMaster announced the TOS beta for version 5.0 will commence in March. This is a major update for the company’s enclosure OS to bring it up to speed and compete against Synology, QNAP, and other brands. A refreshed UI, more responsive experience, and new features are promised.

TOS will be updated to be both lighter and smoother with a cleaner look to fit in better with modern trends in UI design.TerraMaster claims the update will provide a 300% boost in responsiveness for general web admin use. Should this claim be true, it’ll mark a substantial step forward for TerraMaster.

I’ve found it difficult to recommend TerraMaster NAS over the best NAS from other brands aside from price. The OS is generally not as refined as what you’d find with Synology DiskStation Manager, so it’s good to see TerraMaster work hard on correcting this.

TerraMaster TOS 5 improvements

TerraMaster TOS 5

The update brings with it new caching technology that will hopefully introduce a more responsive experience. This new feature is expected to expedite data transfers between the server and its database, cutting down the time required to load specific elements.

The design team has used JavaScript to create a more lightweight framework for the admin UX. WebAssembly is also used to optimize backend calculations, allowing for more users to use TerraMaster NAS enclosures simultaneously.

Pop-up windows and buttons have been redesigned, so too has the status bar at the top of the TOS web interface. Like other brands, TerraMaster will allow you to customise the wallpaper and login pages to add a personal touch to the NAS.

Security is of great concern lately with ransomware attacks and TerraMaster is including two-factor authentication and passwords for enhanced protection against malicious attacks and accidental damage. Lastly, the self-help section of the OS has been revamped to make it easier to locate answers to any questions you may have.

I look forward to checking out the TOS 5 beta when it launches in March and will provide initial thoughts on the changes TerraMaster has made.

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